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Dive into numbers and insights together. GRID is an all-in-one data tool for the next generation of knowledge teams who need to make fast, data-driven decisions.

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The new face of spreadsheets

Easy as 1-2-3

No data prep needed! Simply connect your spreadsheet, create a dynamic, interactive web document and then communicate! Present, share or even embed your brilliant work.


Data storytelling that’s easy on the eyes. Select from a variety of visualization and interaction options to create an impressive GRID document that will look great on any device.


You’ve never seen data like this before. Build dynamic visualizations that viewers can interact with and use to gain valuable insights.

GRID is one of the most innovative pieces of software I have seen in years.

Dan Berlin

SVP at Mad*Pow

See what GRID can do


Funnel analysis

Create dynamic, interactive funnel analyses like this one to assess the impact of your marketing.

Mortgage calc

Interactive Mortgage Calculator

Plan and prepare for the next big step with a mortgage calculator.


Weekly sales report

Check out this weekly sales report. GRID lets you work on all your data in one place, saving time and energy!

Versatile solutions


Build dynamic reports that seamlessly sync with the underlying spreadsheet.

Scenario analysis

Your data comes alive in GRID. Build interactive and powerful analyses.


No code required. Build an online calculator with just your spreadsheet.

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