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GRID is a smart surface for working with numbers. What you might not know? It’s built on top of the most powerful spreadsheet engine on the web.

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Start by connecting a data source to GRID. We play nicely with Google Sheets, Excel, Notion databases, and Airtable bases. Or, get off to a quick start with Scratchpad.

Add display & interaction elements to your GRID doc. Then pull data from one or more sources to build your financial projection, ROI calculator, or quarterly board report. Easy!

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GRID Scratchpad for quick editing on the fly

Scratchpad is our lightweight spreadsheet editor. As a simple spreadsheet workspace, Scratchpad is perfect for doing impromptu analysis without a prepared spreadsheet model. Just start typing 🚀

  • Build & narrate quick interactive projections

  • Paste in & visualize data from tables, spreadsheets, or the web

  • Combine data from different sources into one chart

Scratchpad streamlines your workflow so you can take quick tasks from start to finish.

Collab & Present

Ok, you’ve built your analysis. It’s looking hot. What’s next? Get team feedback! Start a conversation with your team and evaluate key performance indicators right in your doc.

Now share away 💌 Keep your work in a private collab, present to stakeholders, or go public – it’s your choice.

GRID Conversations allow you to give feedback and discuss your insights in context.

The friendly numbers tool for teams


For Growth Managers who need to clarify complex marketing strategies


Build customized internal calculators for sales teams to create quick price quotations


Founders use GRID to create professional-looking, interactive board reports for hands-on exploration

GRID is the smart surface for working with numbers

Numbers, meet Narrative

GRID is the best of numbers + narrative rolled into one interactive interface. Use GRID to visualize numbers & calculations, then give your report a cohesive narrative.

Capture the whole story

Combine data from a variety of sources in a single chart. Easily transform complex data into a beautifully visualized financial model that captures the whole story.

Make it interactive

Engage your stakeholders with tangible insights. Add sliders, input fields and buttons to your interactive projection so your team can explore the possibilities.

Smart. Start to finish.

Easy to learn

No training required. GRID fits with the way you work so your team can run faster, together.


Speed up the feedback process and capture your team's valuable ideas in context.


Leverage key insights like a champ. Keep your team on point with up-to-the-minute numbers & calculations.

GRID does a great job of allowing you to snap back to the original planned scenario. Play around with the numbers without having to ask to change a variable.

Jordan Shapiro

Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis at IONQ

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KPI Dashboard

SaaS KPI Dashboard

Measure progress & ensure your business is delivering on objectives.

Board report

Quarterly Board Report

Easily present key metrics & future-focused insights to your stakeholders with this interactive template.

Marketing report

Marketing Report & Projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.

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