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GRID is the first spreadsheet with an integrated AI formula assistant & interactive datavis layer. Transform the way your team works with numbers.

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Trusted by teams who love numbers

GRID is your all-in-one smart spreadsheet

GRID is a smart spreadsheet surface that syncs with and visualizes data from your spreadsheets & databases. Use the spreadsheet formulas you're used to, and get access to powerful integrations for Notion & Airtable.

✅ Build & narrate interactive projections
✅ Visualize data from tables, spreadsheets, or the web
✅ Combine data from different sources into one chart
✅ Embed your work in websites & internal wikis

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Combine data from Notion, Airtable & more!

Get started in GRID Sheets, our built-in spreadsheet editor. You can also connect a spreadsheet or other data source to GRID. We play nicely with Google Sheets, Excel, Notion databases & Airtable bases.

Select the data you want to visualize, add interactivity and voilá! You're ready to empower your team with dynamic business dashboards, sales calculators, or interactive financial reports – all driven by your spreadsheets 💪🏽

The most powerful AI features for spreadsheets

GRID's fully integrated AI Formula Assistant is powered by OpenAI and lives in GRID Sheets. Simply describe the action you're looking for in plain English and get formula suggestions instantly ✨

Next 👉🏽 get smart chart help from our AI Chart assistant.

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🔍 The best tool for scenario analysis

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A faster way to share scenarios 🏃

Scenario saving lets you save and share access to specific configurations of your documents quickly and securely.

Adjust the assumptions in your charts & visualizations with sliders, checkboxes and buttons, then click Save this scenario so people with access to your doc can view it.

Share & explore multiple scenarios from a single spreadsheet model. No more time-consuming edits to your original work 👏 👏 👏

Professional use-cases for GRID

Powerful business calculators

Perfect for your Founder, Head of Sales, or Marketing Manager 🤩 Internal calculators are incredibly valuable when you need to deliver accurate price quotes, calculate revenue or determine your ROI.

Dynamic financial models

Transform complex data into a beautifully visualized financial model that everyone can understand. Explore pricing models, growth models & projected revenue easily, as a team 👫

Interactive reports & dashboards

Boost productivity for your Marketing & Sales teams. Build interactive dashboards & reports to analyze campaign performance, track KPIs, and stay aligned on pricing data ✅

No code. No stress.

Familiar formulas

GRID is perfect for the numbers guru on your team. Leverage those spreadsheet skills & do great things.

Keep data private

GRID keeps underlying models & datasets hidden so no one can mess up your sheet.

Gain clarity

GRID clarifies complex data in a beautifully visual way, so everyone can understand.

Why our users love GRID 💜

Jordan Shapiro

VP Financial Planning & Analysis @ IONQ

GRID does a great job of allowing you to snap back to the original planned scenario. Play around with the numbers without having to ask to change a variable.

Ryan Morrill

Data Experience Designer @ Morrill Data Design LLC

In fact, when I was setting up my new business and projecting cashflow recently, the tool I reached for was GRID. I don't think I've ever adopted a new data viz tool that quickly. That's saying a lot.

Thomas Yang

Notion Ambassador

Notion is only complete when you integrate it with GRID.

Vincent Doedee

Owner/Founder @ Sustainable Ships

GRID is the best thing since sliced bread. Honestly, there is no way we could do what we are doing now without them. Tools made by GRID shock and awe our clients in the most beautiful way imaginable. It is simply the best.

Sara Loretta

Notion Certified Consultant

Before GRID, we didn’t have a great way to present data beautifully. As there’s no built-in Notion feature to build charts, adding another tool to the tech stack without proof that it would work seemed daunting.

Ben Collins

Founder @

I've used GRID for several years for projects where I want to bring my data to life to tell a story. I'm a huge fan of GRID's ability to turn my static data into dynamic models which can be presented online.

Lou Attal

Notion Certified Consultant

GRID has been the perfect tool to take my Notion pages to the next level by bringing data visualisations into them!

Kristjan Kristjansson

CEO @ 50skills

GRID enables us to build interactive reports based on variables we choose from a Google sheet. Great for forecasting and easy to share with stakeholders.

Charlie Wilson

Chief Commercial Officer @ Flare

GRID is the perfect tool for presenting our commercial model and benefit scenarios in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Alejandra Cienfuegos

Notion Certified Consultant

The Notion + GRID combination is unbeatable: easy setup, reliable integration, fast data refresh and great customer support.

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