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17. August 2023

6 great ways AI can improve your data work

We all want to work smarter. For many of us, that means using AI tools as the go-to solution for almost anything from complex data science to face-swapping apps. But finding tools that actually create tangible value in our work can be a challenge. 

GRID is an all-in-one spreadsheet solution where you can go from data modeling and visualization to presentation & collaboration on a single surface. We’re focused on integrating valuable features like AI assistance in-product, so you get to work in context and don’t need to add yet another new tool to your stack.

Let’s take a look at two of our major AI features and examine the ways they can help you improve the quality, accuracy, and accessibility of your datavis.

AI Formula Assistant: a copilot for spreadsheet formula

In February, our CEO wrote about the emerging potential of Generative AI and large language models in spreadsheet software, focusing on:

  • Data enrichment and cleansing

  • Fill suggestions

  • Formula assistance

  • Spreadsheet model generation

A short time later, we launched our AI Formula Assistant, one of the world’s very first fully integrated, GPT-3 powered spreadsheet formula generators. This AI copilot for formulas lives in our built-in spreadsheet editor, GRID Sheets.

highest grade formula assistant 2

The Formula Assistant was developed to address a few common problems folks tend to face when creating charts and other datavis from connected data:

  • Difficulty formulating complex formulas: It’s sometimes a struggle to write (or remember) the complex formulas needed to calculate specific data points or perform advanced data analysis tasks. Searching for formulas can cost you quite a bit of time.

  • Lack of understanding of function syntax: If you’re unfamiliar with the syntax of various functions in spreadsheet software, it can be challenging to write formulas that accurately represent your requirements.

  • Handling dynamic data: Dealing with dynamic data that changes over time can be cumbersome, and some may find it less than easy to create formulas that adapt to such changes automatically.

With GRID’s  Formula Assistant, you can bypass each of these roadblocks. Natural language processing lets you interact with the assistant via plain language queries. You can describe in simple terms the calculations you want to perform, and the AI will generate formulas it thinks might work for you. We do always recommend that you double-check your results, however. Best of all, you’ll avoid spending time searching for relevant formulas on other sites. Help is right in GRID.

Our Formula Assistant makes it so much easier to work with complex data and generate powerful formulas you may not be aware of. Working with numbers and data becomes faster and more efficient for everyone, and your calculations happen in a flash. This fantastic feature improves overall accessibility for those who don’t have extensive knowledge of spreadsheet functions and syntax, and puts even more power in the hands of those who do.

AI Chart Assistant: build charts and tables instantly

Since the launch of our Formula Assistant, we’ve released a ton of new stuff. Our AI Chart Assistant is one of the most exciting recent developments, letting you build beautiful, bespoke charts and tables based on plain language requests.

This feature is part of a suite of Smart Chart features for working with tabular/structured data from Notion and Airtable and also includes our Chart Builder. Typically, data from Notion & Airtable databases needs to be summarized with a complex QUERY function and can be challenging. It’s important to us at GRID to make this process easier and something that everyone feels able to do. Try out the Chart Builder with your connected databases and see what we mean!

Smart Charts for Notion

We know it’s not always obvious how to visualize data in a meaningful way. Our AI Chart Assistant aims to simplify this by enabling you to describe your requirements in plain language and streamline the chart-building process.

The Chart Assistant is a solution for common issues like:

  • Data complexity: Some find it challenging to deal with complex datasets, especially if the data is scattered across multiple sheets or tables. Understanding the relationships between different data points and selecting the appropriate data for visualization can take time to navigate.

  • Lack of data analysis skills: People with less experience in data analysis and visualization may struggle with identifying relevant trends or understanding which data attributes to represent on different axes of the chart.

  • Data formatting issues: Inconsistent or poorly formatted data can lead to errors in visualization. It’s easy to encounter difficulties in cleaning and preparing data for charting, especially when dealing with missing values or data in non-standard formats.

  • Choosing the right chart type: Sometimes it’s unclear which chart type is the best way to effectively represent the selected data. Different data types (numerical, categorical) and data distributions may require different chart types (bar charts, line charts, pie charts etc.) and the right choice isn’t always obvious..

The Chart Assistant ensures that you’ll be better able to simplify complex data, make data analysis more accessible, and eliminate formatting errors. You can ask for a specific type of visualization (column, bar, line, pie chart or table), or if you don’t specify, the assistant will generate the most appropriate visualization based on your request & selected data. The assistant offers invaluable help to clarify the information your charts contain and make them easier for viewers to interpret.

6 key takeaways for better visualization & analysis

Our AI Formula Assistant and AI Chart Assistant offer several real-world benefits to help you in your day-to-day data work, particularly with tasks involving numbers, calculations, data analysis, and visualization:

  1. Increased Productivity: AI-powered assistants simplify complex tasks and reduce the time needed to create formulas and impactful charts. You can quickly generate the formulas and visualizations you need using natural language prompts and thus spend more time on data analysis and decision-making.

  2. User-Friendly Data Analysis: GRID's AI assistants make data analysis more accessible to folks with varying levels of expertise. You don't need to be an expert in spreadsheet functions or visualization techniques to perform advanced calculations or create meaningful charts with GRID. This democratization of data analysis enables a wider range of professionals to make better, data-driven decisions.

  3. Improved Accuracy: AI-driven assistance reduces the chances of syntax errors or mistakes in calculations. Our assistants interpret the prompts you enter and generate correct formulas or visualizations, reducing the risk of manual errors. (We always recommend double-checking the AI’s suggested outcomes though!)

  4. Quick Insights and Data Exploration: With GRID’s AI assistants, data exploration is quicker and less labor intensive. You can interactively request specific calculations or visualizations, see your charts populate instantly, and gather insights without manual trial and error.

  5. Handling Complex Data: Easily tackle complex datasets by describing exactly what it is you’d like to see in plain terms. Our AI assistants handle data complexities like dynamic data and complex formulas, allowing you to work efficiently with diverse datasets.

  6. Flexibility: Our AI Formula & Chart Assistants enhance flexibility in data visualization, helping you adjust the generated charts and formulas as needed. This level of customization improves the accuracy and relevance of outputs.
    If you’re ready to streamline your workflow, improve productivity, make data-related tasks more efficient, and help your team stay better informed, now’s the time to get started. Sign up for free and let GRID’s AI features help you get sheet done.

If you’re ready to streamline your workflow, improve productivity, make data-related tasks more efficient, and help your team stay better informed, now’s the time to get started. Sign up for free and let GRID’s AI features help you get sheet done.

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