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30. September 2021

Build a price quote calculator in 5 easy steps 

It’s pretty difficult to overestimate the power of interactive content. Embed and share interactive features like calculators, and voilà! They become super-engaging conversion rate boosters.

Beyond interactivity, providing your colleagues and clients with helpful, professional information is an effective way to simplify your sales process.

GRID documents are built on top of your own spreadsheet data. This means that any documents connected to cloud-based spreadsheets will be automatically updated. Want to update your price list? Simply update your underlying spreadsheet and watch all of your GRID-built tools reflect the changes asap. What better way to provide up-to-the minute service?

Let’s make this happen. Build, customize, and easily embed!

We’ll start by showing you how easy it is to build an interactive price quote calculator using your spreadsheet data. Then we’ll take a look at some practical tips on how to embed your calculator— you’ll be generating leads and driving sales in no time. Let’s dive in.

1. Prepare your spreadsheet. For this example, we’ve built a price quote calculator for a fictional Solar Energy Company.

2. Get started with GRID Sheets, connect or upload your spreadsheet. Take some time to play around with various layout options and decide on a setup for your calculator. You can also select colors for your sections, columns, and formula outputs. You can set a brand-specific background color for your document, and you also have an enhanced variety of color and font options available under the Appearance tab in Document settings.

3. Now you can really get to work adding interactive features like sliders, checkboxes, input fields, and more — depending on how you’d like your audience to interact with your data. You’ll find a list of GRID interaction elements under the Insert menu [+] in your GRID document.

solar slider 2

4. Add interactive elements. For our example we used:

  • A slider for the Average monthly electrical bill and House size.

  • We used Radio selections for the Roof material and Roof steepness.

5. Now here’s where you can embed your GRID doc. Once you’ve created your calculator in GRID, it’s time to embed it. GRID has great resources to help you embed easily in a variety of workspaces including Notion, Airtable, ClickUp, Confluence, and more — in case you need a helping hand.

Users on our Plus and Professional plans can embed their GRID docs watermark-free.

Embeddable platforms

We hope you’re inspired to take content creation into your own hands and see what an amazing variety of things are possible to accomplish with GRID. If you’re looking for assistance on this or any other topic, stop by our Help center for answers, tutorials, and friendly GRID team members who are ready to chat.

Have you already embedded your interactive calculator? Let us know!

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