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11. March 2021

Easy, no-code calculators grow your business

One of the things we love most at GRID is helping our users discover and develop content that is meaningful and lucrative for them. Some of our strongest authors thus far are folks who have used GRID to build interactive, online calculators – particularly for their small businesses. 

Creating an embedded calculator based on your spreadsheet data is a simple way to build a powerful, customized web tool guaranteed to capture and keep your clients’ attention. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of building interactive calculators for your site.


Give you one reason? We’ll give you three

1. Business calculators are engaging

Building a custom online calculator might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about boosting website engagement. But as many small business owners can attest, adding this kind of feature to your business’ website can have a significant, positive impact on the way clients view and interact with your brand or service. 

Interactive content encourages visitors to – perhaps obviously – spend more time on your site. But that time has value, and it means that visitors to your site are building a relationship with your brand or service that will keep them invested, and generate you potential leads. In addition, consider the increase in conversions and purchases that likely result when visitor engagement grows exponentially.

A website with interactive features signals to visitors that you are anticipating their needs. Impress clients with access to useful data, and encourage engagement by using your embedded calculator to provide the information they might otherwise seek elsewhere.

The K B Lim Skin Clinic features a great example of this accessibility with several embedded GRID calculators used to help both medical professionals and potential patients assess and determine possible skin disorders. 

Trust is a central characteristic of strong client relationships. The K B Lim Skin Clinic is actively building credibility and claiming authority on the subject by readily offering the answers new visitors and existing clients alike are looking for.

2. No-code solutions put the power in your hands

You’ve seen calculators on your bank’s website, right? Super useful when you’re trying to calculate your mortgage payments or check out exchange rates. But do you ever wonder how much the bank paid to have that feature specially designed and integrated into its site? (Hint: too much.) And – how much cost does the bank incur simply to maintain and regularly update these interactive features? (Again, too much.) 

Calculator GIF

With a spreadsheet at the ready, you can use GRID to create contextually-based calculators of varying complexity that can then be embedded on your website or blog. Having a no-code calculator solution at your fingertips means you can update your spreadsheet whenever you need to, decide what’s most relevant for your business, and best of all – avoid expensive developer fees!

Readers and clients will also appreciate an experience in-keeping with your branding, so why not create a calculator that includes your logo and specific brand colors? The choice is yours.

3. Interactive Content = Endless Ways to Play  

The potential uses for GRID-based calculators seem just about limitless. We’re surprised all the time by the sheer variety of topics to which GRID authors are applying their spreadsheet-based calculators.

Providing services on your website related to investing? Assessing and optimizing cost-per-hire during the recruitment process? Or what about comparing ice rink refrigeration technologies? (Bet you didn’t see that one coming.) Each of these examples show what is possible to achieve with an embedded GRID calculator based on spreadsheet data. Cool, isn’t it?

Of course, there are many other uses for embedded calculators spanning a multitude of different fields and professions like family law, health and wellness, finance, the wedding industry – the list goes on. 

Fundamentally, adding content like interactive calculators to your business’ website is a simple, cost-effective way to generate greater interest in what you’re doing and create even more value for your clients. Provide more comprehensive service, engage with your readers, and gain a competitive advantage. GRID will help you get the most out of your spreadsheets!

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