25. August 2021

Embedding 101: Entrepreneur Edition

Create the eye-catching content your audience wants — no, NEEDS — to see.

As GRID grows and evolves, so do interesting new use cases and patterns of GRID-authorship. These patterns help us learn about our GRID authors’ needs, professional priorities, and preferred ways of working. They reveal some fascinating potential avenues for growth in our product, too.
Recently, we saw a considerable uptick in the number of authors who were embedding their GRID content, so naturally, we were curious — why was the embedding feature resonating so strongly with this particular segment of authors?

Looking for higher conversion rates, stronger engagement, and better customer retention? It all starts with a spreadsheet.

It turns out that many of our actively embedding authors are entrepreneurs and multitasking managers. These are super-motivated self-starters who eat risk for breakfast and relish every challenge on the way to success. They have a vision and know what to do to make that vision a profitable reality.


Entrepreneurs are also people who tend to do all.the.things. It makes sense that these authors want to personally power up their GRID-built content to achieve strategic goals. 

Can you relate? Then let’s start by going over some easy embedding basics. We’ll also look at three scenarios that will help you identify embedding opportunities to optimize the killer content on your own site.

How can embedded content benefit your business?

If you’re not already familiar with embedding, we’re here to tell you that it’s super simple. Really! Embedding is essentially the process of integrating digital content like images and videos into platforms like social media or other websites. It’s an effective way to keep customers on your site and not following an external link, ensure high-quality video playback and a smooth viewing experience, all while boosting your site’s SEO.

Vibrant, visual content is highly influential — it establishes the kind of experience that viewers will stick around for. When you optimize your site to dramatically increase users’ average session duration, conversions — and conversations — are sure to follow.

So what are the key benefits of GRID documents? Well, when you’re working with GRID, the content you create can be highly customized, deeply varied, insightful, and service-oriented. Since GRID docs are built on your own spreadsheet data, it’s easy for you to identify the information that’s important to your audience and express it in a multitude of ways. You can construct interactive calculators, dynamic, data-driven narratives, and enlightening scenario analyses, and choose from a wide variety of charts and interactive elements to engage your readers.


And since GRID documents can themselves integrate images and videos — all you need to do is add your spreadsheet-driven joint incomer planner, interactive revenue model, or real estate commission calculator, and you’ve got a multifaceted, embeddable tool tailor-made to your audiences’ needs.

But the real key to engaging with clients? Interactivity. There’s no denying that embedding static assets like reports can generate great value, but reaching out to your viewers with interactive features adds an entirely new dimension to your site. Embedded content makes an immediate impression. It helps you cultivate customer relationships on a more personalized level and makes those digital touchpoints memorable.

Let’s get to it, step-by-step

To get you off to a flying start, check out our GRID Embedding guide for simple, step-by-step help. You can also jump straight to these short n’ sweet video tutorials for embedding advice within specific content management systems:

- HTML iFrame embedding in Wordpress
- HTML iFrame embedding in Wix
- HTML iFrame embedding in Squarespace

Embedding your GRID content is easier still when you embed a link — this is an option on a wide variety of platforms including Medium, Trello, Asana, and more. In this case, simply copying and pasting your link into the body of your workspace will do the trick.

Whichever content management system you’re working with (provided it supports the iFrame embedding process), curated embedded content will help you amp up your site’s impact in a matter of minutes. 

Get down to business: 3 scenarios for success

So what kinds of practical embedding strategies will really change the way your business communicates with customers? Here are three scenarios where embedded content gives you an advantage:

1. Lead Generation

If your aim is to generate leads and boost acquisition, consider the ways in which your website’s landing pages are engaging visitors. Can you identify opportunities to introduce embedded content that will capture customers at a crucial point on their user journey? Options like interactive tools, embedded presentations that include video and images, dynamic charts, as well as attention-grabbing guides can help you clinch your next client. And yes, you can do all that with GRID.

Tamr roi calculator

2. Consulting
As a consultant, you’re a voice of authority in your field. An optimized website offering relevant, timely information, practical tips, and helpful advice to your audience is key to getting conversions, but you can also leverage interactive tools to connect with your customer’s needs, showcase your expertise, and become a trustworthy source of information. Embed your GRID-built monthly ad spend calculator on your site and really activate your target audience.

Blackgrow calculator

3. Content creation
Appetites for digital content tend to be voracious, and as a content creator, you’ve got to hook your audience, stat. Keeping it fresh means posting regularly, producing diverse, high-quality content, and addressing topics that people actually care about. Embedded videos are guaranteed to grab and keep viewers, increase conversions, and can benefit your SEO too. Likewise, interactive GRID documents embedded on your site offer your audience a new perspective on important insights and accentuate visual appeal. Super-engaging content is a multifaceted affair and keeps readers coming back.

fatfire woman

To =Sum it up

For entrepreneurs and managers who balance a wide variety of tasks, embedded content offers the means to create a captivating digital experience for both current customers and prospective clients. It’s an easy, yet compelling way to augment your users’ journey with layers of engaging visuals, interactive features, and relevant information, and shows that you’re committed to building (and sustaining) high-quality customer relationships. It also does wonders for your business’ competitive stature and brand image. 

Embedded content can significantly help to drive sales and inspire customer engagement. Now might be the right time to explore the true power of your GRID-made content – simply put, it’s great for business.

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