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02. March 2023

How to create charts from your Notion database 

Ever felt like you weren’t realizing the full potential of your Notion databases? If so, you’re not alone. That’s why GRID’s Notion integration makes so much sense.

Connecting your Notion database to GRID lets you build beautiful, living charts & visualizations. The next step? Embed all that goodness back into your Notion workspace.

It’s never been easier to create interactive charts and visualizations from your Notion database. Follow the 4 simple steps below to learn how to get the most out of your Notion data.

1. In your Notion account navigate to the left corner and go to Settings & members and then My connections. Locate GRID and click Connect. If you don’t have a GRID account, you’ll get a pop-up window to create an account. If you have an account and are logged in to GRID your account will now be connected to Notion.

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2. Next, head over to GRID, create a new document and select Add existing data. Click the Notion icon and select the pages you want to sync to GRID.

Connect notion database - notion lp

Then select the database you want to connect to GRID.

notion db to GRID2

3. You’re all set! You should now see your chosen database in the data panel. There are two ways you can start building charts from your Notion database in GRID:

The first option is to use our AI Chart Assistant. All you need to do is describe your requirements/what you’d like your chart to display in plain English, and the Chart Assistant will automatically generate the chart for you.

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Alternatively, you can use our Chart Builder. Start by selecting the chart type that best suits your visualization needs. Next, choose the column from your database that you would like to display or aggregate on the X- and Y-axis.

4. Now let’s put your visualization back into Notion. There are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Copy the link to your GRID document and paste it to your Notion page

  • Copy the link to your GRID document and use the /embed function in Notion

If you only wish to embed a part of your document (one chart for example) you can click on the chart, go to the embed tab on the far right, and copy the embed link. Now paste that chart’s link to Notion or use the /embed function.

To learn more about creating charts from your Notion database with GRID we recommend this short video or see the full GRID + Notion guide.

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