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14. February 2023

Launching GRID 2.0: the magical surface for numbers

The future of numbers, powered by our own spreadsheet editor, AI formula copilot & modern tool stack integrations

GRID is building the numbers platform for the next generation. We’re creating a modern environment that provides the freedom of spreadsheets for business users, while delivering the data discovery and oversight of formal IT systems.

We've already built the most powerful spreadsheet engine you'll find on the web, along with a superior presentation layer on top of traditional spreadsheets. The result is a GRID doc – a unique type of web-based document that seamlessly combines numbers, narrative, and interactivity.

With the launch of GRID 2.0, we're stepping up as a fully featured numbers tool, focused on the needs of modern knowledge workers and their teams, lowering the barrier to entry for numbers work through a friendly user experience, modern aesthetics, and smooth integrations with other next-gen productivity tools like Notion, Airtable and Slack. In fact, GRID 2.0 has such “Wow factor” that we like to call it a magical surface for numbers.

The magical surface for numbers and narrative

But what does magical really mean? For us, magic encapsulates a few things.
Let’s start with a beautiful product that unites the power of spreadsheets, text editors and presentation software on one surface. GRID’s spreadsheet links directly with every aspect of the document, creating a magical blend of numbers and narrative. We’ve sometimes phrased it this way: “What if Excel, Word, and your favorite visualization tool were wrapped up into one product? That would be GRID!” It’s a tool with a truly unique combination of technologies.

Combining data from multiple sources and working on analysis in the same space as you visualize and present your findings? Pretty mind-blowing. This is how knowledge work is really meant to be. 

When it comes down to it, GRID gives people the freedom to focus; to simplify an overwhelming tech stack, stop sharing static screenshots, and cut out the need to switch between tools. By “magically” eliminating these stressors, we’re creating a product that’s easy to learn, intuitive, and empowering.

combo chart 4

Then there’s the visual magic of an interactive surface. Features like sliders, buttons, and timers take your beautiful charts beyond the sheet, inviting stakeholders to explore multiple potential scenarios without ever altering your foundational model. Imagine how much back and forth you’ll skip with a board report (like this customizable template) that leaves no question unanswered. Working with GRID means engaging with exciting, tangible data that sparks a conversation.

The future of numbers

With the launch of GRID Sheets, we’ve elevated GRID to an all-in-one spreadsheet surface. In September 2022, we wrote about our spreadsheet editor (then called Scratchpad) as a handy solution for ad-hoc analysis and reporting. Newly renamed GRID Sheets, it’s now even more robust. GRID Sheets is a fully featured spreadsheet editor, allowing you to work in your GRID Sheet much like you would in traditional spreadsheet software like Excel or Google Sheets.

GRID Sheets also makes it ridiculously easy to combine data from multiple sources.
Type into your GRID Sheet, add a Notion database, an Airtable base, or connect other spreadsheets as data sources. Your resulting analysis is layered and comprehensive, and it’ll have taken you a fraction of the time you expected it to.

Try copy/pasting tables from the web directly into GRID: voilà! A built-in feature suggests chart types for you based on the type of data you’ve selected.


Then there’s automatic refresh for Airtable & GRID embeds in Notion (as well as Notion link previews). Simply add a new row to your database, and it'll appear in GRID asap. After years of workflow hassle, GRID Sheets is bringing spreadsheet users a visceral sense of relief, and that’s something special. The magic is in the experience.

// is the new =

However, magic can also reference something intriguing and our GPT-3 driven formula assistant is a great example of this. We may understand what AI does from a technical standpoint, but still, it’s a little spooky isn’t it? It’s an extension of ourselves; a ghost in the machine that enables us to augment and expand our own knowledge. There’s something ineffable about it.

Formula assistant GIF

GRID Sheets is the first spreadsheet to offer integrated AI formula suggestions powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology. Simply activate the formula assistant in your GRID Sheet by typing two slashes into the cell – a playful subversion of traditional formula syntax. Then, describe the formula you’re looking for in plain English. Honestly, we think you’ll never need to Google a spreadsheet formula again! And that’s just one reason why we’re more excited than ever about becoming the future of numbers.

We’re proud to welcome you to the next phase of GRID’s transformation into a primary numbers tool, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey to revolutionize the way teams like yours work with numbers. Experience the magic of GRID – sign up and get started for free!

Hjalmar Gislason


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