Product Updates Week 42 - Search
22. October 2021

Product Updates - New features & futures

What does it mean to build with the future in mind? This week’s work has been full of anticipation and focused on awesome features like Search and upcoming Conversations.

  • The Search feature is out! Now you can easily search your own private & shared documents, as well as public documents on other author profiles. We hope you’ll enjoy how much easier it is to find exactly what you want!

  • New Pro feature - Export to PDF: Our Professional subscribers can now export their GRID documents to a PDF file, removing the URL heading and footer visible in the browser. This feature comes in handy when you’d like to let your viewers capture your documents and download them for future use. 

Coming soon:

  • Get ready to collaborate - Conversations are coming! This is a big one. Soon, you’ll be able to start conversations with your colleagues within GRID documents. We have a feeling that this kind of collaboration will lead to great things.

  • Math fans rejoice -  we’ve got a new element coming soon for the LaTeX Math Equation.

  • You asked for it: Pie Charts are almost ready to deploy. These eternally popular charts are great for illustrating proportional data.

Bug fixes: 

  • It came to our attention that the options panel wasn’t always clearing when different columns were being edited. We’ve made sure that this is no longer a problem.

  • We took care of an issue where a section was able to be selected even though the option panel was closed.

  • Occasionally, clicking next to a section in a longer document caused the document to scroll all the way to the bottom. This has now been fixed!

  • We’ve corrected a problem with circular references in Google Sheets.

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