05. April 2024

GRID: Your end-to-end lead-generation solution

We believe that everything starts in a spreadsheet. Companies often start capturing information, ideas, calculations or projections in an Excel workbook or Google Sheet. This information can be related to any aspect of their business - Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and so on. Spreadsheets are a powerful tool that gets you a long way but they’re not the most engaging when presented to people outside of your organization, for example a possible client. Let’s say you’ve created a Price quote calculation model in an Excel spreadsheet that you’re now finding yourself manually sending to prospects via email. That’s both a time consuming way to generate leads, and not a very engaging one - and here’s where GRID comes in!

GRID is a spreadsheet powered tool that makes it possible to create an engaging surface on top of those (often messy) spreadsheets. Let’s stay with the example above: You’ve got a Price quote Excel file that you alter for each prospect and send them the Excel file manually via email. By using GRID, you can upload or connect your spreadsheet and build a calculator on top of your own calculations. You can create inputs, dropdowns, check-boxes, sliders and other interaction elements to make your calculator engaging and fun to play with - and then you can embed that calculator to your website by simply copying an embed code we provide and pasting it into your CMS system, for example Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace and others. Now you have an interactive calculator on your website that your prospects can play with to get a quote tailored to their needs. They fill in their information in input fields, drag a slider to fit their needs and end up with a calculated total price - but then what?

GRID offers Forms to capture those calculations. Add a form to your Price quote calculator and ask for the prospect’s information to get in touch with them. Here’s an example of such a calculator, with a form in the end:

The calculator above is interactive and it sends your calculations to the email address you fill out in the Email field - you can try it out for yourself! GRID calculators can send form submissions or lead captures to whatever email address you choose when setting up your form, depending on your use case. If you want the submissions to be sent to your email address, that’s possible and if you want the submissions to be sent to your prospects’ email address, that’s also possible. We offer an integration with Zapier that unlocks a bunch of possibilities when it comes to lead captures as Zapier offers +6000 apps to automate workflows. But we’ve now made GRID a true end-to-end lead-generation solution by integrating directly to Hubspot - now you can send lead captures directly to Hubspot, where we’ll either create a new contact for you or update an existing one. The calculations from the calculator will be sent along with the contact information so by creating a GRID web calculator, you’ve not only made your prospects better informed and saved yourself a bunch of time, you now got all the information (and time) you need to close that sale!

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