Spreadsheets run the world

...and we run spreadsheets! We're firm believers in the incredible utility of spreadsheets. Our focus isn't on replacing them; our mission is to give them (and you) superpowers. Together, let's unleash the full potential of spreadsheets 💪

We are GRID

GRID was founded in 2018 by a group of web software veterans and data enthusiasts. The team includes experienced individuals from varied tech sectors—data analytics, gaming, international airlines, creative agencies and more. Our shared passion for data and belief in the versatility of spreadsheets unites us.

About us

  • Our headquarters are in Reykjavík, Iceland

  • We're a team of 12 employees

  • Our investors include: NEA, BlueYard Capital & Slack Fund



Hjalmar Gislason

Founder & CEO

Hjalmar Gislason is the founder and CEO of GRID. Hjalmar previously served as VP of Product Management at Qlik in Boston. He was the founder and CEO of DataMarket, founded in 2008 and sold to Qlik in 2014. A career data nerd and entrepreneur, GRID is Hjalmar’s fifth software startup as a founder.

Thorsteinn Yngvi Gudmundsson

VP of Operations & Co Founder

Thorsteinn Yngvi Gudmundsson is VP of Operations at GRID, and one of the co-founding team. Thorsteinn has served in managerial positions in the tech industry for over 20 years, primarily focused on building new ventures internationally. Thorsteinn worked with Hjalmar as VP of Operations at DataMarket. He has held positions as a CEO, GTM lead, VP Operations, Finance lead, Product manager & Board Director. Thorsteinn holds an undergraduate and MBA degree from Reykjavik University, and a proud degree in horticulture from his early career.

Eva Dogg Steingrimsdottir

VP of Software Development

Eva Dogg Steingrimsdottir is VP of Software Development at GRID. Eva is an experienced front-end developer and software team leader and has worked in such roles for early startups and international airlines alike. Eva holds bachelor’s degrees in both Computer Science and Psychology. An avid and competitive cyclist, Eva enjoys few things more than speeding around Iceland in the midnight sun.

Alexandra Dilja Bjargardottir

VP of Growth

Alexandra Dilja Bjargardottir is VP of Growth at GRID. Prior to joining GRID, Alexandra worked in growth marketing for CCP, the makers of the massively multiplayer online game EVE Online. Alexandra has worked in digital growth, marketing and research for the better part of a decade. Alexandra is an active member of the indie game scene and an advocate for diversity in gaming and tech.

The team 💜

Borgar Þorsteinsson

Co-Founder, Engineering

Steinn Eldjárn Sigurðarson

Co-Founder, Engineering

Birkir Pálmason


Eiríkur Torfason


Gunnlaugur Þór Briem


Hörður Ragnarsson

Senior Product Designer

Kristen Martel

Data & Analytics

Marín Jónsdóttir

Senior Product Manager

Our investors include



Product Manager

We're looking for a product manager with experience in the software industry to drive the implementation of GRID's product vision.


Visual/Product Designer

As a designer at GRID you will be instrumental in shaping every visual aspect of the product, being responsible for end-to-end visuals – shapes, colour, typography and layout.


Frontend Developer

As a front-end developer at GRID you will participate in the implementation of all aspects of the user facing part of our product.

Latest news

31. October 2023

Optimizing GRID for spreadsheet modelers

Today, we’re launching brand-new pricing plans for GRID with powerful new features & customization options! 🎉

13. June 2023

Launching GRID Smart Charts for Notion & Airtable

Get to know Chart Builder, AI Chart Assistant & Structured Sheets, the features making it easier to work with databases...

14. February 2023

Launching GRID 2.0: the magical surface for numbers

The future of numbers, powered by our own spreadsheet editor, AI formula copilot & modern tool stack integrations

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