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GRID is the fastest way to create professional-level data visualizations from your Airtable bases ✨

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The fastest way to visualize Airtable bases

GRID helps you quickly surface important insights hidden in your Airtable bases and present more meaningful data.

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GRID Smart Charts for Airtable ✨

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Get chart-building help from these game-changing features:

  • Chart Builder is a friendlier way to summarize, filter, split, and aggregate your data.

  • Our AI Chart Assistant lets you describe the chart you need and visualizes it for you!

Connect & combine your data

Connect your Airtable base to GRID – it’s super quick. Combine it with data from other sources like GRID Sheets, Notion, Smartsheet, Excel, or Google Sheets. Now you’re on your way to creating beautiful, interactive charts everyone can explore and understand.

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Update charts & graphs instantly

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Your base is synced with GRID, so anytime you need to adjust or update it, you’ll see those changes instantly reflected in your charts, graphs and calculators.

Create gorgeous charts that are easy to interpret. Build interactive calculators that get your team engaged with important numbers. Update everything – instantly.

Build beautiful custom reports & insightful analysis ⭐


Integrating your Airtable bases with GRID is simple - no code, no stress.

Build & Customize

Build and customize reports & analysis according to your team’s needs.


Embed your GRID docs to internal tools, or share securely with colleagues.

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