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Create beautiful, interactive no-code charts powered by spreadsheets or Notion databases that update instantly. Add interactive charts to your financial analysis, marketing reports and business dashboards.

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Create free unlimited charts & calculators

Start with a GRID Sheet, connect your Notion database, or bring in data from Airtable, Google Sheets & other sources.
✅ Create unlimited charts on our free plan
✅ Embed easily into your Notion docs
✅ Charts & calculators refresh automatically

The best way to visualize data in Notion

GRID is an easy-to use, no-code spreadsheet tool that syncs seamlessly with your existing assets. Keep your original data safe & easily control what others can see and interact with.

Create embeddable KPI dashboards, interactive reports and pricing calculators perfect for marketing and sales teams – in a few simple steps.

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Make pricing calculators for Notion

Whether you’re building a sales tracking template, a profit margin calculator, or a tool to generate price quotes, GRID is a great place to start.

👉🏾 Build your calculator using data from multiple sources
👉🏾 Customize and embed your tools in a Notion doc
👉🏾 Accelerate the quote process and align your team, fast!

Combine data from multiple sources

Have data in other places besides Notion? No problem. Import and combine data from sources like Airtable, Google Sheets, Excel, and more – right here.

Use GRID to visualize data in charts, calculators, and other interactive tools. Then embed data-driven content like marketing reports & projections and price quote calculators directly in a Notion doc ✨

Connect data

For teams who love Notion


Turn your price quote spreadsheet into a customized internal calculator for your sales reps & keep your underlying model safe.


Build interactive campaign performance reports, KPI trackers, budget calculators, growth models & scenarios.


Founders can build interactive, easily shareable board reports, revenue & business models and financial forecasts.

Beautiful free charts for Notion

Automatic refresh

Changes to underlying data appear in your charts automatically ✨

Unlimited charts

Make an unlimited number of charts and calculators on our free plan 💥

No code

Turn complex numbers into valuable tools, no code needed 🔥

Connecting GRID + Notion

GRID link previews on Notion

  1. In Notion, go to Settings & members, then My connections and click GRID.
    You can also paste GRID link and you will see a button that says “Connect to GRID to update”.

  2. A new window will open requesting permission for GRID to access your workspace.

  3. Click Allow

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Connection notion db

How to connect Notion databases to GRID

  1. Create a new GRID document

  2. Select Notion as a data source, then select your workspace and grant GRID access to it.

  3. Select which pages you want GRID to access.

Check out this guide for a more in-depth overview.

Need inspo? Grab a template!

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Notion Database Board Report

Visualize your Notion database in GRID, then embed your interactive quarterly board report in Notion.

Sara thumnail - community build tempalte

Media Kit Template by Sara Loretta

Get this media kit template and start building partnerships with brands.


Notion template: Marketing report and projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.

Personal budget template

Notion template: Golf Summer

Connect a Notion database & visualize your golf score with GRID.

5 year financial plan

Notion template: Startup runway calculator

Get this free template & learn how to calculate your company’s startup runway in a few minutes flat.

Why Notion users love GRID

Lou Attal

Notion Certified Consultant

GRID has been the perfect tool to take my Notion pages to the next level by bringing data visualisations into them!

Alejandra Cienfuegos

Notion Certified Consultant

The Notion + GRID combination is unbeatable: easy setup, reliable integration, fast data refresh and great customer support.

Sara Loretta

Notion Certified Consultant

Before GRID, we didn’t have a great way to present data beautifully. As there’s no built-in Notion feature to build charts, adding another tool to the tech stack without proof that it would work seemed daunting.

Thomas Yang

Notion Ambassador

Notion is only complete when you integrate it with GRID.


Notion Expert

GRID is a total game changer!

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