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What can GRID do for my Notion projects?

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Add beautiful charts to your Notion workspace 🌟

Build beautifully interactive charts and calculators in GRID, then paste them into your Notion workspace.

Present data in a way that’s easy to understand 📊

Help everyone on your team see the big picture. GRID ensures that teams stay well-informed and aligned.

Easily explore and explain deeper insights 🔎 

Interactive charts and calculators let your team engage with and explore important numbers & calculations, so you can make better, data-driven decisions.

How do GRID and Notion work together?

Start by connecting your Notion database to GRID. We also play nicely with Google Sheets and Excel 😉

Add display & interaction elements to your GRID doc, then pull data from one or more databases to populate dynamic charts and models. That was easy, wasn't it?

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Embedding in Notion 💚

Once you've built a chart or calculator, simply copy the GRID document link and paste it into your Notion workspace.

Your interactive GRID document will appear in Notion, ready for customization & collaboration.

Need inspo? Grab a template!


Notion template: Marketing report and projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.

5 year financial plan

Notion template: Startup runway calculator

Get this free template & learn how to calculate your company’s startup runway in a few minutes flat.

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Template gallery

Get a quick start with GRID templates. Just copy, enter your data, and customize to make interactive reports, analysis, and dashboards.

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