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Build custom, spreadsheet-powered calculators with GRID. Impressed? Your clients will be too. Transform your spreadsheet data into powerful, interactive tools that you can easily embed on your website.

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Embeddable calculators

Creating an embeddable calculator based on your spreadsheet data is a simple way to build a powerful, customized web tool guaranteed to capture and keep your clients’ attention. Take a look at the embedded example to the right and try interacting with it.

Calculators. Powered by spreadsheets.


Connect your spreadsheet to GRID, or get going with a sample spreadsheet.


Create and customize your calculator to meet your clients’ needs.


Embed your calculator to your website or securely share it with your colleagues.


Powerful lead generation

With a spreadsheet model at the ready, you can use GRID to create dynamic calculators of any level of complexity. Create multiple tools based on data from a single spreadsheet, then embed your interactive, lead-generating calculators on your site.

Your GRID-built calculators sync seamlessly with your underlying, cloud-based spreadsheet, so you can update your spreadsheet whenever you need to, decide what’s most relevant for your business, and best of all – avoid expensive developer fees.

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Build tailored solutions

Price Quotes

Engage your prospects with a custom price quote calculator and connect to what clients are looking for.

ROI Calculators

Simplify complex data and communicate your value clearly to clients.

Interactive Models

Showcase your expertise and build trust by sharing insightful, interactive models.


Got the basics? It's time to go Pro.

GRID’s Essential plan will get you off to a flying start, giving you access to great tools to build amazing brand value. But when you’ve mastered the basics? Upgrade to gain even more powerful publishing and lead generation features. Our Professional plan includes custom embedding and form submission, so you can easily create company-branded assets and gather super valuable insights.

Need inspo? Grab a template!

5 year financial plan

5 Year Financial Plan

Tailor this financial planning calculator to your needs.

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI Calculator

Swap out the data for your own and get to the nitty gritty of your marketing ROI.

Project X

Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

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