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A game-changing solution that allows you to transform your static spreadsheets into dynamic calculators.

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Build tailored solutions

Price Quotes

Engage your prospects with a custom price quote calculator and connect to what clients are looking for.

ROI Calculators

Simplify complex data and communicate your value clearly to clients.

Interactive Models

Showcase your expertise and build trust by sharing insightful, interactive models.

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Convert spreadsheets into powerful calculators

Use GRID to create dynamic calculators of any level of complexity. Create multiple tools based on data from spreadsheets, then share your interactive, lead-generating calculators to your teams.

Your GRID-built calculators sync seamlessly with your underlying, cloud-based spreadsheet, so you can update your spreadsheet whenever you need to.

Share with your teams

Creating a calculator based on your spreadsheet data is a simple way to build a powerful, customized internal tool for your sales team. Share with your team or embed to your workspaces.

Transform your spreadsheets into powerful calculators


Connect your spreadsheet to GRID, or get going with GRID Sheets.


Create and customize your calculator to meet your teams' needs.


Share your calculator securely with your colleagues or embed to your internal tools.

Need inspo? Grab a template!

Solar template

Solar Energy ROI Calculator

Copy & customize this Solar Energy Return on Investment Calculator for your team.

Advance price quote

Advanced Price Quote Calculator

Tailor this price quote calculator to client needs.

Marketing agency cost calculator

Marketing Agency Cost Calculator

Copy & calculate the cost of marketing services.

SaaS Pricing Model Calculator

SaaS Pricing Calculator

Customize this pricing plan calculator for your clients.

Project X

Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

Price Quote image

Price Quote Calculator

Copy this price quote calculator for easy customization.

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