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What you can do with GRID

Analysis & forecasting

Build powerful, dynamic visualizations and models to predict your financials effectively.

Financial calculator

Save time and build powerful, multi-use internal calculators for your teams.

Plan, model & report

Create beautiful, interactive reports that are easy to share with your team.

Next level spreadsheet models

GRID docs are interactive interfaces you can build on top of your spreadsheet models that make it easy for your team to learn, explore, and drive more informed decisions.


Need inspo? Grab a template!

5 year financial plan

5 Year Financial Plan

Tailor this financial planning calculator to your needs.

Break even analysis

Break-even analysis

Raising capital? Taking on additional costs? Start by calculating your break-even point.

Board report

Startup Runway Calculator

Get this free template & learn how to calculate your company’s startup runway in a few minutes flat.

Project X

Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

company valuation

Company X Valuation - Scenario Analysis

Customize this template and create a company valuation scenario analysis.

Jordan Shapiro

SaaS Financial Model by Jordan Shapiro

Customize this interactive template and dive into detailed growth metrics.

Want even more ideas?

Check out our templates and make them your own!

GRID elements


We've got all the usual suspects. Area, Bar, Line, Column + more. Scatterplots too if you're feeling fancy.


This is where the magic happens. Breathe life into static models with sliders, input fields and other little gems.

Tables & Sheets

We all need them. Make stuff easy to find with a searchable Table. Present sections of spreadsheets with a Sheet element.

Formula output

Type = and whoop, there it is. See your formulas displayed as text that fits nicely into a paragraph.

Interactive values

Create dynamic numerical values that are inserted directly in line with text. Click and drag to see where the numbers take you!

Additional elements

Spice it up a bit. Add images to your docs, embed videos & display lovely math equations. Want it? You got it.

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