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The last mile counts. Knock it out of the park with interactive presentations so impressive, your executive team will want to jump into action. GRID makes it easy to turn the financial projection models you’ve got in Excel or Google Sheets into beautiful, professional-looking presentations in minutes.

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Build multiple visualizations from any spreadsheet

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Interactive models & reports

Add sliders, input fields, drop-down selections and much more

You are in control - no more errors

Your colleagues will never mess up your spreadsheet again

Easy sharing

No more bouncing between tools

Next level spreadsheet models

GRID docs are interactive interfaces you can build on top of your spreadsheet models that make it easy for your team to learn, explore, and drive more informed decisions.

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Run way- FP&A LP

The best tool for scenario analysis

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Looking for the fastest way to create and share scenarios with your team? Scenario saving lets you save and share access to specific configurations of your documents quickly and securely.
Use interaction elements like sliders to adjust charts & visualizations, then click Save this scenario and let people with access to your doc easily view it. Now you can share multiple scenarios from a single spreadsheet model, without editing the model itself

Connect to multiple data sources

GRID is a powerful tool for financial planning and analysis, letting you combine data from multiple sources like Notion, Excel, Google Sheets, and Airtable.

Easily integrate all of your financial data in one document, then let stakeholders explore interactive models & reports that leave no question unanswered.

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What you can do with GRID


Build powerful, dynamic visualizations and models to predict your financials effectively.

Financial calculator

Save time and build powerful, multi-use internal calculators for your teams.

Plan, model & report

Create beautiful, interactive reports that are easy to share with your team.

What people are saying about us

Ryan Morrill

Data Experience Designer @ Morrill Data Design LLC

In fact, when I was setting up my new business and projecting cashflow recently, the tool I reached for was GRID. I don't think I've ever adopted a new data viz tool that quickly. That's saying a lot.

Ben Collins

Founder @

I've used GRID for several years for projects where I want to bring my data to life to tell a story. I'm a huge fan of GRID's ability to turn my static data into dynamic models which can be presented online.

Simon Gordon

CEO @ Facewatch

A brilliant way to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a beautiful report, and to update the report very quickly.

Jordan Shapiro

VP Financial Planning & Analysis

GRID does a great job of allowing you to snap back to the original planned scenario. Play around with the numbers without having to ask to change a variable.

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5 year financial plan

5 Year Financial Plan

Tailor this financial planning calculator to your needs.

Break even analysis

Break-even analysis

Raising capital? Taking on additional costs? Start by calculating your break-even point.

Board report

Startup Runway Calculator

Get this free template & learn how to calculate your company’s startup runway in a few minutes flat.

Project X

Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

company valuation

Company X Valuation - Scenario Analysis

Customize this template and create a company valuation scenario analysis.

Jordan Shapiro

SaaS Financial Model by Jordan Shapiro

Customize this interactive template and dive into detailed growth metrics.

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