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Creating interactive graphs has never been this easy. Simply connect a data source, select your data and see it visualized in seconds. Present numbers like a pro with GRID.

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GRID Sheets is our user-friendly spreadsheet editor that streamlines the chart-making process. Simply input your data, highlight what you want, and choose your chart. GRID detects the axis labels, legends and chart title for you, and can even suggest a chart type based on your selected data!

Make professional-looking charts and graphs in no time. Paste your data straight into a GRID doc and create charts and graphs in just a click or two.

You can also create charts and graphs from your Notion or Airtable databases, upload or connect your spreadsheets, or manually insert your data into GRID Sheets.

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Connect your existing Google Sheets, Notion or Airtable databases and your data will refresh instantly. The power of GRID lies in combining data from multiple sources. Create a well-rounded analysis that everyone can understand.

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Enhance the accessibility and impact of your data analysis by embedding your charts, graphs and analysis in popular platforms like Powerpoint, Miro, Medium and Airtable.

Use GRID's Link preview integration to create interactive charts in Notion.

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GRID's interactive features allow you to enhance your charts and make them more engaging. Don't settle for basic charts – use sliders and input fields to allow viewers to explore different scenarios and gain deeper insights from the data.

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Our most popular charts

column charts - thumnail

Column chart

Take a look at the Column chart example, then create your own unique version.

pie charts thumbnail (1)

Pie chart

Explore the delightful examples of Pie charts in GRID.

Scatter plot thumbnail (1)

Scatter plot

Scatter plots are a wonderful way to showcase the correlation between variables.

bar charts thumbnail

Bar chart

See the example of Bar charts and copy the doc for your own project.

Line graph thumbnail (2)

Line chart

Check out interactive Line chart and use them to create your own personalized versions.

Area chart thumbnail

Area chart

Check out this example of an Area chart in GRID.

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