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GRID is a next-gen spreadsheet tool with the power of a built-in AI formula copilot. Write in a simple prompt, let the AI suggest formulas, and boost your productivity 🚀

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How to use INDEX & MATCH with our AI Assistant

Index & match formula assistant

No need to struggle with complex formula syntax. Type two slashes into your GRID Sheet and describe the action you’d like to perform : // match column A with the highest value in column B. Our Formula Assistant will suggest a formula that fits.

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What is INDEX & MATCH?

INDEX & MATCH is the power couple your formulas need. This super flexible combination of functions lets you work with multiple criteria and is the best way to perform left-lookup, two-way lookup, closest match and much more.

INDEX: The INDEX function shows a value or cell reference from a specific range.

MATCH: This function identifies the row position of a value within a single range of cells.

Let our AI copilot write INDEX & MATCH formulas for you!

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Learn how to use GRID's AI Assistant

So, what is GRID exactly?

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GRID is the smart surface for working with numbers

GRID is a magical, all-in-one surface transforming the way teams work with spreadsheets. Our built-in document layer makes for beautifully interactive data visualizations and presentations. Plus, you’ll breeze through formula writing with our AI Formula Assistant.

Add display & interaction elements to your GRID doc, then pull data from one or more sources to build your financial projection, ROI calculator, quarterly board report and more.

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Your all-in-one spreadsheet solution

Our formula copilot lives in GRID Sheets. You can get off to a quick start in a fresh GRID Sheet, or if you’ve already got data to work with, simply connect your other sources. GRID syncs with Notion database, Airtable, Excel, Google Sheets & more.

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