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Build interactive marketing reports and dashboards powered by your spreadsheets and databases ✨

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A reporting layer on top of your data

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No more bouncing between tools when building your reports or dashboards. Get started with GRID Sheet or connect your data, create interactive, dynamic web docs & share with your team!

The best thing? Nobody will see the messy spreadsheet that powers it all. 

Customizable marketing reports

Eliminate repetitive reporting tasks with GRID's seamless integrations. Create one-off reports effortlessly or duplicate and update existing reports for recurring insights, seamlessly connecting to your spreadsheet or database.

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Make your reports more dynamic and informative with interactive elements

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Opt for interactivity to breathe life into your report. Present an interactive report that ensures clarity and leaves no room for unanswered questions. Choose from dropdown selection to showcase different chart types or bring in radio selection to showcase different values. The choice is yours. With GRID you can do everything with the spreadsheet skills you’ve already got.

Get your team a template 🎯

Marketing report

Marketing Report & Projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.

Thumnail -Social media report

Social Media Reports

Use this template to report and track your social media metrics.


User Funnel Scenario Analysis

Recreate this interactive scenario analysis using your own funnel data.

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