The must-have tool for Growth and Marketing Managers

Struggling to explain complex marketing strategies to your team? We’ve got you covered. With the spreadsheet skills you’ve already got, GRID helps you build interactive marketing reports and scenarios that your whole team can understand.

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Marketing LP

Develop & present your growth strategy

Don’t bounce between tools. Import and centralize your data, build interactive marketing reports & analysis, and create a convincing argument for why your strategy works, all in one doc.

Visualize data from multiple sources

Get your team aligned behind the key insights. Dive into the core of your company’s growth performance with interactive reports and scenario analysis. Simply connect your existing data to GRID and start modelling.

  • Create beautiful marketing reports, projections, and analysis

  • Discuss key insights and explore the data

  • Collaborate with your team and present

Combine data
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Use GRID to spruce up your marketing strategy

Need to improve user acquisition and retention? Use GRID to quickly identify leaks in your growth funnel, then optimize your campaigns accordingly. GRID makes it easy to visualize your existing data and explore key performance metrics as a team.

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Benefits for Growth & Marketing Managers


Align your team behind data that everyone can understand.


Present dynamic, professional reports to persuade your stakeholders.


Breathe life into static reporting with explorable charts & models.

So, how does GRID work?

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Start by connecting your spreadsheets or Notion databases to GRID. You can also start with GRID Sheets, our built-in spreadsheet editor. Add display & interaction elements (like sliders!) to your GRID doc, then build dynamic charts and dashboard populated with your data.

GRID helps you surface and visualize key data so that everyone on the team can explore, understand, and easily leverage it.

Collab & Present

So you’ve built your marketing analysis – now it’s time to present it to your stakeholders.

Start a conversation right in the doc and gather feedback in place. Need to increase the budget for the next period? Talk it out in the doc. Let stakeholders engage with interactive models and get a tangible feel for the most important insights.


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Marketing report

Marketing Report & Projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.


User Funnel Scenario Analysis

Recreate this interactive scenario analysis using your own funnel data.

Saas active user retention

Freemium SaaS Active Users Retention Model

Help your team better understand the metrics behind successful user acquisition and retention.

Marketing ROI

Marketing ROI Calculator

Swap out the data for your own and get to the nitty gritty of your marketing ROI.

Hjalmar - PLG template

Product-led growth calculator

Explore the framework behind PLG strategy, then customize with your own data.

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