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Make data storytelling immersive

GRID brings your spreadsheet narrative to life with vibrant visualizations, helping you to spotlight and answer the really big questions in an immersive storytelling experience.

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Immersive, interactive data stories

Create an immersive landscape of visualized data with GRID. Focus on and animate your most important findings and analysis, then summarize and present your research in viewer-friendly GRID docs that include context-rich interactive charts and models. 

GRID makes it easy to gather your spreadsheet data in one place, document your methodology, and present a guided narrative that reveals the whole story.

Guided data narratives

Multiple spreadsheets

Collect your data in one place by connecting your GRID doc to up to 3 spreadsheets.

Data narration

Snipping from your spreadsheet into your text editor? No need. Create interactive, visual narratives in GRID - it’s a one-stop shop.


Create an immersive data narrative with sliders, input fields, drop-down selections, buttons and more.

Great GRID-built examples: Delightful data stories

Wealth derived tax - image

Tax models explained

This wealth-derived tax model offers keen insights and hands-on explanations.


Hands-on product led growth model

Use this interactive funnel analysis to learn a few tricks and customize your own model.

Saas financial model

Fascinating financial exploration

An in-depth, interactive narrative on SaaS financial models by Jordan Shapiro.

A notebook for Excel & Google Sheets

Computational notebooks have taken the Data Science world by storm over the last few years, for good reason. They enable transparent sharing of findings and analysis through guided narrative and flexible presentation. They’re ideal for Data Scientists to exchange findings, elaborate on each other’s work and collaborate.

However, as Dan Lester pointed out in an insightful Medium post last year, the way notebooks are traditionally presented isn’t a great way to deliver insights to people who aren’t comfortable with code.

Business users need a notebook for Excel/Google Sheets: a less technical web-based “presentation layer” on top of the spreadsheets people already have and know how to build. That's where GRID comes in - read more on our blog.

grid notebook

Build with GRID: in-depth video tutorial

In this video our CEO Hjalli teaches you everything you need to know to build an impressive interactive model in GRID.

Versatile professional use cases


Create an easy-to-understand visual data landscape, include text and images, and present your research holistically.


Consolidate your findings and give your audience valuable context, then easily explore & explain your insights.

Product Managers

Present competitive analysis and comprehensive market research as beautifully visualized data stories.

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