An interface for your pricing model.

Equip your sales reps with intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces built on top of your pricing spreadsheets for more effective quote generation.


Price quotes - powered by spreadsheets.

No code, no stress

Upgrade your pricing spreadsheet into an interactive tool for your sales team with GRID. Create dynamic price quote generators using familiar spreadsheet formulas – no coding required. Build a pricing tool to enable your sales force to quickly generate custom quotes without having to access the underlying spreadsheet.

Enhanced sales efficiency

Spending too much time explaining your complex pricing to leads?
Crafting numerous personalized quotes manually?

Streamline your sales process and save time by equipping your sales reps with a custom tool to generate accurate price quotes based on specific customer needs. This enables your team to focus on qualified prospects and move deals forward more efficiently.

Key benefits

  • User-friendly tools to streamline quote generation

  • Increase sales team productivity

  • No more sharing your spreadsheet model directly with sales reps or prospects

Try out the embedded example. You can split your quote doc into 1) inputs from sales and 2) output (the quote) to be sent to the customer. Add features such as exporting to PDF and sending an email to the lead. You can also send this data to your CRM via our HubSpot and Zapier integrations.

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Features you'll love

Powered by your spreadsheet

Your GRID doc updates automatically with changes to your spreadsheet model. No more sharing new links or files!

Regulate access to the spreadsheet

Share an interface without revealing formulas or proprietary info. Say goodbye to worries about unauthorized sharing.

Protect your data & formulas

With GRID, your underlying models and datasets remain concealed, safeguarding your sheets from unwanted edits.

Forms & lead capture

Add form fields for your sales reps to fill out contact information alongside calculator inputs - or put the tool right in the hand of your prospects!

Easy-to-use calculators & tools

Equipped with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface in place of a spreadsheet, your reps will save time and can jump on the next call.

Save price quote to PDF 

Generate the quote as a PDF to send to the prospect. The quote will contain all the inputs and give a clear understanding of the price.

Best-in-class examples


Blue Door Bookkeeping Price Quote Calculator

Blue Door Bookkeeping for real estate agents has a dynamic pricing model that scales according to the customers' needs. A quote calculator saves them time on quote generation and equips leads with their quote upfront, making for higher quality leads.

Example LinkCard Virtuoso ROI

Virtuoso Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator

Virtuoso's ROI calculator shows leads the benefits of switching to their AI test automation software. Based on custom inputs, the calculator provides insights on not just money saved, but workdays, and benefits to speed in authoring and maintaining tests.

Example LinkCard PaletteTCO

Palette Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

Based on Spectro Cloud's calculations, adopting their Kubernetes management platform (Palette) can produce significant savings in time and budget. Leads can calculate how much they'd save by switching, and submit their info for a follow-up call.

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