Build pricing calculators from spreadsheets

Transform static spreadsheets into dynamic pricing calculators. GRID calculators protect your data & update automatically. Never send spreadsheets to your sales reps again.

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GRID is the perfect tool for presenting our commercial model and benefit scenarios in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Charlie Wilson

Chief Commercial Officer @ Flare

Your spreadsheet, as a service.

Elevate your spreadsheets into powerful, interactive tools - no coding required! Leverage your familiar formulas to craft sleek, web-based calculators and dynamic interfaces.. Whether using GRID Sheets or importing from Excel or Google Sheets, take your pricing calculators to the next level.

Key advantages:
Your spreadsheet transformed into a service
Flexible sharing and seamless embedding
Interactive, user-friendly tools for your leads

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No code, no stress.

Control the distribution

Share an interface without revealing formulas or proprietary info. Say goodbye to worries about unauthorized sharing.

Stop version control headaches

Your GRID doc updates automatically with changes to your spreadsheet model. No more sharing new links or files!

Understand your audience better

Track interactions with your models to ensure they're effective for leads, clients, or team members.

Outsource the development of your pricing calculator

For just $250, our team of experts will build a bespoke spreadsheet-powered calculator according to your exact specifications. Whether it's for personal or business use, we've got you covered. This fee is a one-time investment but you'll also need to subscribe to one of our paid plans in order to share or publish the calculator.

Interested? Drop us a line at [email protected].

Run way- FP&A LP

Loved by advisors & business owners 💜

Kyle Seagraves

Owner @ Win The House You Love

GRID is the perfect tool for professional advisors. It allows me to easily turn my financial knowledge into an app that increases my client's trust in me. My clients love the GRID tools I've built, and my business has grown because of it.

Stuart Saunders

Owner @ Make That House Yours

Giving my clients the ability to manipulate their own ‘what-if’ scenarios with complete accuracy through GRID has been a game-changer in my career.

Vincent Doedee

Owner/Founder @ Sustainable Ships

GRID helps you become somewhat of a full stack developer, without the hassle.

Ryan Morrill

Data Experience Designer @ Morrill Data Design LLC

In fact, when I was setting up my new business and projecting cashflow recently, the tool I reached for was GRID. I don't think I've ever adopted a new data viz tool that quickly. That's saying a lot.

Charlie Wilson

Chief Commercial Officer @ Flare

GRID is the perfect tool for presenting our commercial model and benefit scenarios in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Kristjan Kristjansson

CEO @ 50skills

GRID enables us to build interactive reports based on variables we choose from a Google Sheet. Great for forecasting and easy to share with stakeholders.

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