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Develop your product strategy & view key insights with interactive models. Create beautiful reports & analysis to easily align your stakeholders.

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Plan your product strategy with one kickass tool

Gather the right data

Collect meaningful data from your spreadsheet or Notion database for the right stakeholders. 

Visualize you vision

Visualize your data and envision your product so your team and stakeholders know precisely what to do. 

Analyze deeply

Add narrative and key information to your report and analysis so that everyone has a clear understanding. 

Share & collab instantly

Keep your work in a private collab, share it away or present it to the stakeholders and the team.

Great use-cases for GRID

High-Level Reports

Create strategic, interactive reports for your executive team or stakeholders.

Analyze & Project

Leverage interactive models to analyze data & create projections to build out your product vision.

Present & Share

Present and share insights beautifully and professionally with your team & executives.

So, how does GRID work?

Explore & Explain 🔍

Start by connecting your spreadsheets or Notion database. GRID helps you surface and visualize key data points so that everyone on the team can explore the data & easily understand it.

Add display & interaction elements (like sliders!) to your GRID doc, then pull data to create dynamic charts and models.

add a spreadsheet gif
GRID Conversations allow you to give feedback and discuss your insights in context.

Collab & Present

Ok, you’ve built your analysis. It’s looking hot. What’s next? Get team feedback! Start a conversation with teammates and discuss key insights right in your doc 🔍

Now share away 💌 Keep your work in a private collab or present it to the executive team.

GRID does a great job of allowing you to snap back to the original planned scenario. Play around with the numbers without having to ask to change a variable.

Jordan Shapiro

Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis at IONQ

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Board report

Quarterly Board Report

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Measure progress & ensure your business is delivering on objectives.

Saas active user retention

Freemium SaaS Active Users Retention Model

Help your team better understand the metrics behind successful user acquisition and retention.

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