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Empower your clients and help guide their decision-making with interactive real-estate & mortgage tools powered by your spreadsheets.

Spredsheet to calc

Your spreadsheet, as a service.

Elevate your spreadsheets into powerful, interactive tools - no coding required! Leverage your familiar spreadsheet formulas to craft sleek, web-based calculators and dynamic interfaces. Whether using GRID Sheets or importing from Excel or Google Sheets, take your advisor toolkit to the next level.

Key advantages for mortgage advisors:
✅ Your spreadsheet transformed into a service
✅ Flexible sharing and seamless embedding
✅ Interactive, user-friendly tools for your clients

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No code, no stress.

Control the distribution

Share an interface without revealing formulas or proprietary info. Say goodbye to worries about unauthorized sharing.

Stop version control headaches

Your GRID doc updates automatically with changes to your spreadsheet model. No more sharing new links or files!

Understand your audience better

Track interactions with your models to ensure they're effective for leads, clients, or team members.

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