Build interactive sales dashboards

Empower your team and optimize performance with customized, interactive sales dashboards. Transform sales data from spreadsheets & databases into actionable insights.

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Powerful tools to monitor & analyze sales performance

GRID is the all-in-one spreadsheet solution helping sales teams visualize and better assess their key sales metrics. Enhance your performance analysis with an interactive dashboard:

✅ Effectively track goals and sales performance
✅ Gain insights for forecasting and plan for future sales
✅ Make informed, data-driven decisions for better outcomes

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Your most important KPIs in one view

Dive deeper into your performance metrics and bring all your key insights into one page. You can import any spreadsheet or connect GRID to Google Sheets and databases from Notion & Airtable

Create & share visually appealing dashboards

Customize your dashboard to show sales data in an engaging and intuitive way, then effortlessly share with your team. You can copy & share the link, embed your dashboard in your favorite tool, or use Present mode for dynamic data presentations 🤩

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Free, insightful sales dashboards

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Connect your sales spreadsheets or databases to GRID, or get going with GRID Sheets.


Create visually appealing dashboards & add key insights.

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Share & present your sales insights effortlessly with your team.

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