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GRID empowers your sales team 🔥 Make calculators that handle complex configurations. Craft interactive charts & dashboards from your spreadsheets. Keep your data safe.

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GRID + Notion for sales leaders

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Unlock the potential of your sales team. GRID is a powerful, no-code spreadsheet tool helping sales leaders boost their team's productivity and alignment with interactive sales tools built on data from Google Sheets, Notion & more.

Our integrated AI formula assistant & chart builder can also give you a hand creating assets like embedded pricing calculators and Notion sales dashboards. GRID gives you:
✅ Unlimited charts & calculators on our free plan
✅ Data combination from multiple sources
✅ Automatic syncs across platforms & devices
✅ Free sales templates

Start with a GRID Sheet, connect your Notion database, or bring in data from Airtable, Google Sheets & more. GRID always protects your original data.

Accelerate & simplify the sales process

Streamline your sales data 

Keep sales reps aligned with up-to-date product pricing & clarify even the most complex product configurations with interactive calculators built on your spreadsheet data. GRID eliminates problems with inconsistent pricing & quoting errors.

  • Deliver fast, accurate price quotes

  • Reduce quote turnaround time

  • Increase sales velocity

Calculate costs & explore potential outcomes

Use interactive features like sliders, buttons, and checkboxes to help your team explore potential outcomes and stay informed. Easily calculate ROI, employee commission, or the cost of marketing services. Your synced data refreshes automatically!

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Embed interactive calculators in Notion

Is your sales team struggling to effectively track KPIs? Ramp up successful sales with beautiful, embedded calculators and dashboards that help your entire team track & analyze sales performance and drive better results.

👉 Embed GRID tools in Notion, internal wikis & websites
👉 Use embed codes to share key insights & track sales
👉 Explore data hands-on & never mess up original data

Why sales teams love GRID

Vincent Doedee

Owner/Founder @ Sustainable Ships

GRID is the best thing since sliced bread. Honestly, there is no way we could do what we are doing now without them. Tools made by GRID shock and awe our clients in the most beautiful way imaginable. It is simply the best.

Charlie Wilson

Chief Commercial Officer @ Flare

GRID is the perfect tool for presenting our commercial model and benefit scenarios in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Jordan Shapiro

VP Financial Planning & Analysis @ IONQ

The reactions we get from the team are excitement and amazement when they see the tool – that’s the reaction you’re only going to get with a GRID doc and not a static Excel or PowerPoint. The dynamic use of numbers is something everyone benefits from.

Kristjan Kristjansson

CEO @ 50skills

GRID enables us to build interactive reports based on variables we choose from a Google Sheet. Great for forecasting and easy to share with stakeholders.

Need inspo? Grab a template!

SaaS Pricing Model Calculator

SaaS Pricing Calculator

Customize this pricing plan calculator for your clients.

Advance price quote

Advanced Price Quote Calculator

Tailor this price quote calculator to client needs.

Solar template

Solar Energy ROI Calculator

Copy & customize this Solar Energy Return on Investment Calculator for your team.

Marketing agency cost calculator

Marketing Agency Cost Calculator

Copy & calculate the cost of marketing services.

Price Quote image

Price Quote Calculator

Copy this price quote calculator for easy customization.

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