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Cut out extra costs and boost your team’s productivity with a GRID-built custom price quote calculator. Just connect your spreadsheet or database to GRID to get started. 

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GRID documents are powered by your spreadsheets & other data sources. Basic spreadsheet knowledge is all you need to start building interactive pricing models and other valuable internal tools.

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GRID gives you the tools you need. Create dynamic calculators for generating sales quotes, figuring out commissions, or calculating LTV (Lifetime Value). Customize your docs according to the needs of your clients and team.

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Share your GRID-built sales reports, interactive calculators, and other assets with your team without worrying that they’ll mess with the underlying data. GRID acts as a presentation layer for your numbers & calculations. Your spreadsheets & data sources always remain hidden.

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Create any type of calculator, from price quote to commission and discount calculators.

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Build dynamic internal tools like calculators, reports, and sales analysis for your team.

Sales reports

Build interactive reports and easily share with colleagues & clients.

Why sales teams love GRID

IONQ Blog Thumnail

GRID helps teams at IonQ better align behind the numbers via an interactive pricing calculator. The sales calculator that the team is building with GRID works to simplify the communication of a complex pricing model and keeps the team apprised of important developments.

Discussing the building process, Jordan relates: “the pricing model started as a large model in Excel, and then we built a GRID calculator layer on top of it to make it really easy for the sales team to go articulate to the customers what they're getting.”

Facewatch uses GRID to create and deliver customized performance reports for clients and investors. “We wanted to send professional-looking monthly reports using data from Excel to our customers instead of attaching spreadsheets to emails and powerpoints,” says owner, Simon Gordon. For Facewatch, GRID is a sales tool – not simply a reporting tool. “It’s simple to use” he explains, “and affordable compared to over-complex business intelligence systems.”


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Advance price quote

Advanced Price Quote Calculator

Tailor this price quote calculator to client needs.

Marketing agency cost calculator

Marketing Agency Cost Calculator

Copy & calculate the cost of marketing services.

SaaS Pricing Model Calculator

SaaS Pricing Calculator

Customize this pricing plan calculator for your clients.

Project X

Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

Price Quote image

Price Quote Calculator

Copy this price quote calculator for easy customization.

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