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Stop bouncing between tools to build your board reports, fundraising pitches and business models. With GRID, you can build interactive, mobile-friendly docs powered by your existing spreadsheets.

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Numbers, meet Narrative 💘

Imagine if a spreadsheet and a text doc had a beautiful baby. That’s GRID! GRID is the best of numbers + narrative rolled into one kickass interactive hybrid.

Spreadsheet-powered solutions

Board Report

Make an impression with an interactive, mobile-friendly board report. Present your numbers and narrative all in one.

Runway Calculator

Create an interactive runway calculator with customizable parameters & run through different scenarios.

KPI Report

Create a sleek, dynamic interface on top of your KPI spreadsheet. Your team will thank you for it!

So, how does GRID work?

Explore & Explain

Start by connecting your spreadsheets to GRID. We play nicely with Google Sheets and Excel 🤗

Add display & interaction elements to your GRID doc, then pull data from one or more sheets to create dynamic charts and models. That was easy, wasn’t it?

GRID Conversations allow you to give feedback and discuss your insights in context.

Collab & Present

Ok, you’ve built your analysis. It’s looking hot. What’s next? Get team feedback! Start a conversation with teammates and discuss key insights right in your doc 🔍

Now share away 💌 Keep your work in a private collab, present to the board, or go public - it’s your choice.

Get your team a template 🎯

Board report

Quarterly Board Report

Easily present key metrics & future-focused insights to your stakeholders with this interactive template.

company valuation

Company X Valuation - Scenario Analysis

Customize this template and create a company valuation scenario analysis.

Project X

Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

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