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Stop bouncing between tools to build your board reports, fundraising pitches and business models. GRID lets you get it all done in one place. Build interactive, mobile-friendly docs powered by your spreadsheets and databases from Notion.

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Spreadsheet-powered solutions

Board Report

Make an impression with an interactive, mobile-friendly board report. Present your numbers and narrative all in one.

Runway Calculator

Create an interactive runway calculator with customizable parameters & run through different scenarios.

KPI Report

Create a sleek, dynamic interface on top of your KPI spreadsheet. Your team will thank you for it!

Beautiful, insightful & professional

Visualize all your crucial data in one document. Build a professional-looking interactive model wrapped in insightful narrative, then easily share your data story with investors and board members.

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Share and collab - startup

Share the right information with the right people at the right time

Invite board members and other stakeholders to engage and interact with the data in your GRID documents.

Close the feedback loop and discuss key insights right in your doc, while staying in control of sharing.

Trusted by teams doing great things with data

That dynamic use of the numbers is something that everyone benefits from and GRID is only getting better and better.

Jordan Shapiro

Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis at IONQ

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Board report

Startup Runway Calculator

Get this free template & learn how to calculate your company’s startup runway in a few minutes flat.

Board report

Quarterly Board Report

Easily present key metrics & future-focused insights to your stakeholders with this interactive template.

Jordan Shapiro

SaaS Financial Model by Jordan Shapiro

Customize this interactive template and dive into detailed growth metrics.


User Funnel Scenario Analysis

Recreate this interactive scenario analysis using your own funnel data.

company valuation

Company X Valuation - Scenario Analysis

Customize this template and create a company valuation scenario analysis.

Break even analysis

Break-even analysis

Raising capital? Taking on additional costs? Start by calculating your break-even point.

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