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Build an interactive presentation layer for your spreadsheet model. Simplify complex ideas and make your message tangible. It's a whole new way to share data-driven insights.

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Simpler, more strategic models

Scenario analysis

Powerful, dynamic visualizations for what-if & sensitivity analysis.

Financial models

Inform decisions with tangible pricing and cashflow models.


Easy to understand revenue and growth projections.

Beautiful guided narratives


GRID helps you turn your spreadsheet models into impressive guided narratives. Your coworkers can explore and easily understand the key insights of your model, and gain a deeper understanding of each scenario’s implications. GRID’s interactive slider feature enables you to provide compelling context for your work, bringing your model vibrantly to life in the eyes of your audience. 

Guide your audience easily through your analyses by presenting complex data in a clean, intuitive way. With GRID, you can surface and explain specific aspects of your model, while leaving other aspects hidden. You stay in control, and your audience gains hands-on experience with interactive visualizations and insightful possibilities.

Features you'll fall for

Slide into the future

With interactive sliders, your viewers can explore models and discover new outcomes on their own time.

Interactive elements

Make your model more engaging with input fields, drop-down selections, buttons and more.

You're in control

No worries - interacting with your GRID doc won’t change your underlying data.

Great GRID-built examples: Models built to impress

Company X

Valuation model

An in-depth analysis revealing valuable industry insights.


Product-led growth

Better understand each aspect of PLG strategy with a hands-on, interactive calculator.

Saas financial model

SaaS financial model

This interactive financial model informs and presents beautifully.

Next level spreadsheet models

Take your spreadsheet models to a whole new level. GRID docs are interactive interfaces you can build on top of your spreadsheet models that make it easy for your team to learn, explore, and drive more informed decisions. Test it out - try interacting with the embedded example on the right.

Build with GRID: in-depth video tutorial

In this video our CEO Hjalli teaches you everything you need to know to build an impressive interactive model in GRID.

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