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Get the power of the VLOOKUP function beyond Excel using GRID’s AI Formula Assistant. GRID is a next-gen spreadsheet tool featuring the revolutionary formula-generating abilities of AI.

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How to use VLOOKUP with our AI Assistant

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Activate the AI by typing // into a cell in your GRID Sheet. Then, prompt the AI by describing the action you want to perform, like: // look up Brazil in column A and match with B

The best part? You don’t need to remember exact syntax when you work with our Formula Assistant.

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What is VLOOKUP?

VLOOKUP (Vertical Lookup) is one of the most-used functions in Excel and Google Sheets. It’s used to search for a particular value in a vertically organized table or data set. It returns values from the columns to the right of the one containing the values to lookup. VLOOKUP takes four arguments:

  • lookup_value

  • table_array

  • column_index_num

  • range_lookup

To search a horizontally-structured data set, use HLOOKUP.

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Learn how to use GRID's AI Assistant

So, what is GRID exactly?

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GRID is a magical, all-in-one surface transforming the way teams work with spreadsheets. Our built-in document layer makes for beautiful data visualization and presentation, and our AI Formula Assistant makes writing formulas a breeze.

Get started in GRID Sheets or connect other data sources like Notion databases, Airtable bases, Google Sheets and Excel.

Add display & interaction elements to your GRID doc. Then pull data from one or more sources to build your financial projection, ROI calculator, or quarterly board report. Easy!

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Your all-in-one spreadsheet solution

Our formula copilot lives in GRID Sheets. You can get off to a quick start in a fresh GRID Sheet, or if you’ve already got data to work with, simply connect your other sources. GRID syncs with Notion database, Airtable, Excel, Google Sheets & more.

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