A copilot for your spreadsheets

Say goodbye to formula frustration with our formula assistant, powered by OpenAI.


Spreadsheet formulas at your fingertips

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Get the power of an AI copilot on your side with GRID’s formula assistant.

  1. Type ‘“//” into a cell in your GRID Sheet to activate the assistant

  2. Let your copilot know what formula you're looking for by describing it in plain English. I.e "Give me the total value of column A"

  3. Hit Enter, and the assistant will magically conjure up the perfect formula for you

// is the new =

✨ The future of numbers is here ✨

Use our AI Assistant with these popular functions

Link card - fx - if

AI for the IF Function

Save time and let AI generate IF formulas for you

Link card - index lp


Get help with INDEX & MATCH from our AI Formula Assistant

Link card - fx - vlookup (1)

AI for the VLOOKUP function

Let our AI Formula Assistant handle complex syntax

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