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Working on quick, ad-hoc calculations? Try GRID Sheets, our fully-featured spreadsheet editor. Build and visualize your models right in GRID. No code, no stress 🧘🏻‍♀️

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What’s great about GRID Sheets?

Type or paste in quick, everyday data

  • Save time by entering data directly into a GRID Sheet

  • Paste in data sets from (almost!) any source

  • Easily edit and update your model instantly

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Spreadsheet formulas at your fingertips

Get the power of an AI copilot on your side with GRID’s formula assistant.

  • Type ‘“//” into a cell in your GRID Sheet to activate the assistant

  • Let your copilot know what formula you're looking for by describing it in plain English. I.e "Give me the total value of column A"

  • Hit Enter, and the assistant will magically conjure up the perfect formula for you.

GRID Sheets is our native spreadsheet editor for simple editing and combining data from other sources. GRID Sheets is convenient for quick ad-hoc work when you don’t have a pre-built model handy.

If you’re working with large or complex models, you may prefer to connect your traditional spreadsheet files to GRID.

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Combine data from multiple sources

Connect data

Easily combine data from multiple sources

  • Start building in GRID Sheets, or add new sources

  • Connect Notion databases, Airtable, Google Sheets, Excel files & more

  • Maximize the value of your combined data

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Create visualizations in a snap

  • Clearly communicate key data points

  • Visualize calculations in record time

  • Use formulas you’re familiar with

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Get a head start with templates

Startup template

SaaS Startup

Project your business outcome or use it to effectively pitch to potential investors.

Board report

Quarterly Board Report

Easily present key metrics & future-focused insights to your stakeholders with this interactive template.

Marketing report

Marketing Report & Projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.

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