GRID Templates

Gain a competitive edge with GRID templates. Customize a template in minutes and easily share your insightful analysis or custom calculator. To start? All you need is a spreadsheet.


Price Quote image

Template: Price Quote Calculator

Copy this price quote calculator for easy customization.

5 year financial plan

Template: 5 Year Financial Plan

Tailor this financial planning calculator to your needs.

Project X

Template: Project X Revenue Model

Copy and customize this revenue model calculator in minutes.

Marketing ROI

Template: Marketing ROI Calculator

Swap out the data for your own and get to the nitty gritty of your marketing ROI.

Mortgage calc

Template: Mortgage Calculator

Gain clarity for the future by copying this mortgage calculator and entering your own data.

Scenarios & models

revenue forecast

Template: Revenue Forecast

Evaluate your potential growth by customizing this revenue forecast template.


Template: User Funnel Scenario Analysis

Recreate this interactive scenario analysis using your own funnel data.

company valuation

Template: Company X Valuation - Scenario Analysis

Customize this template and create a company valuation scenario analysis.

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