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Data storytelling should be for everyone, on every team - not just the specialists. GRID makes spreadsheet data easy to understand and leverage, so your team can move fast and get more done than you ever imagined.

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Explore, Explain, Collaborate.

Explore the possibilities!

Perform detailed data analysis, create forecasts & better understand the metrics behind user retention. GRID helps your team synthesize pivotal numbers & calculations in one place. Connect your spreadsheets to GRID and pull data from one or more sheets to inform a single chart or model. Explore the numbers and play around with possibilities without any need for manual updates. GRID's cloud connection ensures that you & your team automatically see what's new.

5 Year financial calculator
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Explain visually.

What makes GRID amazing to work with? Ultra-responsive interactivity is one great reason. Static models are limited — GRID's beautiful, living visualizations help teams get immersed in data and gain perspective instantly. Simplify complex data and make it easier to understand by using interactive features like sliders. Connect a slider to your model, and suddenly you're guiding viewers through trends over time. That's the moment when people go "Ah, I get it." Don't just say it, show it!

Collaborate, right here.

Bouncing between tools is a thing of the past. GRID takes your team from spreadsheet to presentation to decision-making. Before you present your market report or revenue forecast, start a Conversation with your team in your document. Gather feedback in context and collect insights that will grow and evolve over time. Start collabing by creating a User Group. Your group will be notified about new conversations and replies, so you can keep on top of things as a team.

GRID Conversations allow you to give feedback and discuss your insights in context.

Build with a power-user: full walkthrough

GRID does a great job of allowing you to snap back to the original planned scenario. Play around with the numbers without having to ask to change a variable.

Jordan Shapiro

Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis at IONQ

GRID elements


We've got all the usual suspects. Area, Bar, Line, Column + more. Scatterplots too if you're feeling fancy.


This is where the magic happens. Breathe life into static models with sliders, input fields and other little gems.

Tables & Sheets

We all need them. Make stuff easy to find with a searchable Table. Present sections of spreadsheets with a Sheet element.

Formula output

Type = and whoop, there it is. See your formulas displayed as text that fits nicely into a paragraph.

Interactive values

Create dynamic numerical values that are inserted directly in line with text. Click and drag to see where the numbers take you!

Additional elements

Spice it up a bit. Add images to your docs, embed videos & display lovely math equations. Want it? You got it.

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KPI Dashboard

SaaS KPI Dashboard

Measure progress & ensure your business is delivering on objectives.

Board report

Quarterly Board Report

Easily present key metrics & future-focused insights to your stakeholders with this interactive template.

Marketing report

Marketing Report & Projections

Add your data to create an interactive, cross-channel performance analysis.

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