The magical surface for working with numbers

GRID is the ideal tool for next-gen teams who need to work with numbers. Get started for free and find out what it’s like to use the web’s most powerful spreadsheet engine, running seamlessly in your browser.

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Combine multiple data sources with ease

Connect data

Get a head start with GRID Sheets, our powerful built-in spreadsheet editor. Simply enter data directly into a GRID Sheet, work with familiar formulas, and bring your data to life. 

Or, connect your doc directly to multiple data sources:

  • Excel spreadsheets (local or cloud-based)

  • Google Sheets

  • Smartsheet

  • Notion databases & Airtable bases

  • Imported data from a URL

The best tool for quick data visualizations

GRID Sheets is our built-in spreadsheet editor. It's an easy way to get going without having to first connect a prepared data model. GRID Sheets let you combine data from multiple sources like Notion, Google Sheets and Airtable, and visualize your model in mere minutes.

  • No more switching between tools. Do it all in GRID Sheets

  • Enter data directly, or paste in small data sets from multiple sources

  • Synced data sources let you edit & update models asap

GRID Sheets visualizes data models faster than any other spreadsheet tool on the web.

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Never Google a spreadsheet formula again

Formula assistant GIF

// is the new = 💥 We're taking a smart new angle on writing spreadsheet formulas.

Here's how to start:

  • In your GRID Sheet, type "// " to activate GRID's AI formula assistant.

  • Next, describe the formula you're looking for in plain English: "Give me the total value of column A".

  • Hit enter, and the formula assistant will magically conjure up the perfect formula for you!

This magical feature is powered by OpenAI technology. The formulas the copilot provides are suggestions based on the information you enter and the AI’s best guess for the appropriate formula. While these are usually correct, you should always double-check your results.

The web’s fastest way to create charts and graphs

You already know how to Excel. Get a boost with GRID.

Connect data from one or more sources to GRID and you’re ready to go! Easily create interactive charts and analyses powered by your spreadsheets, databases & GRID Sheets.

  • Select data for your professional-looking financial models, dynamic sales reports, calculators, and more

  • Work with familiar formulas & keyboard shortcuts

  • Choose from popular chart types and interactive elements to visualize your data

  • Don’t worry about manual updates. GRID's cloud connection ensures that you & your team automatically see what's new

Fastest time to chart new

Hands-on data exploration

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Static models are limited. Build living visualizations with GRID in a familiar, spreadsheet environment where every interaction uncovers something new.

Simplify complex data using interactive features so others can explore trends over time, on their own terms.

Share with your team, worry-free 😇

Share data-powered calculators, reports, or dashboards securely on mobile and desktop, or embed almost anywhere.

GRID lets you choose how & with whom you’d like to share and collaborate, so you stay in control.

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