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GRID is a cloud-based web platform that allows anyone to create and share professional looking interactive documents online. Connect a spreadsheet, create your GRID document and then communicate your data.

A smarter, faster, more empowering way to work

You’ve got the skills, GRID’s got the tools

GRID is an innovative no-code web tool that integrates effortlessly with the way you work. Whether you’re new to spreadsheets or already an expert, GRID can help you optimize your data and turn your good ideas into game-changers.

Work stored in spreadsheets represents a huge investment of time and energy. GRID recognizes this value, and functions in tandem with your existing spreadsheets to elevate work you’ve already done.

Partnering intuitively with your spreadsheet software, GRID allows you to work quickly and strategically in a familiar spreadsheet environment using your current skills. And no matter your ability level, GRID can help you produce beautiful web reports and interactive scenarios without first having to learn a complex new program. That’s what we call empowering.

Create and share dynamic web applications like embeddable calculators without ever having to consult with a developer. GRID saves you time, energy, and expense, so you can get things done quickly – on your own terms.

Innovation that works for you

GRID's powerful features do the heavy lifting

At GRID we take pride in providing a superb experience for authors and viewers alike, while minimizing interruption to preferred ways of working. GRID’s powerful features are driven by genuine innovation and designed to lighten your workload.

Our unique-to-GRID, Excel-compatible spreadsheet engine enables spreadsheet authors to work with existing data and models made in Excel or Google Sheets. The engine can run entirely in your browser, enabling lightning-fast interaction in a web-native experience across any range of devices.

GRID’s innovative WYSIWYG editor combines the best of modern web editing with the unique features that the GRID engine provides. We want formatting, layout, tables and charts to feel familiar if you’ve worked with them elsewhere. The data and calculations your GRID document is built on come from your connected spreadsheets, or formulas you write directly in GRID.

While you can upload a spreadsheet from your computer, connecting to a cloud-based spreadsheet will give you the best GRID experience. Select Google Sheets files, or Excel files through OneDrive, Excel Online, or Dropbox to gain the added efficiency of seamless cloud synchronization. GRID monitors files for changes and will update your GRID documents instantly, always reflecting the latest version of the underlying spreadsheet as you edit and keeping your audience up to date even when you aren’t logged in to GRID.

Feel secure when you share

GRID lets you control what data you surface, and what stays private

Many people keep a significant amount of proprietary data in their spreadsheets, but may lack the ability to effectively control and assess it. This means that crucial information can get lost in the shuffle. 

GRID enables you to select relevant data from your spreadsheets to create the assets you need, while keeping your intellectual property secure. With GRID you never have to email another spreadsheet – or switch between different formats like Word, PowerPoint, and PDF – so you can build and share amazing documents in a smooth, streamlined way. It’s simple! Stop shuffling.

And since you don’t need to share your entire spreadsheet with clients or colleagues when you build a GRID doc, you can rest easy knowing that your private information will stay that way.


Driving informed decisions

Finally - the clarity your data deserves

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GRID documents enrich your models with interactivity and enable intuitive data exploration. Clarify important data to create incisive, powerful presentations that show your stakeholders the real story.

When it comes to scenario analyses, GRID owns the stage. Data models and scenario analyses built in GRID get to the core of your message in a clear, beautiful way. Viewers can interactively compare options and outcomes, reach a deeper level of understanding, and ultimately make astute, data-driven decisions.

Get the most
out of GRID

Slide on over

Use interactive Sliders to create comprehensive calculators and track data variation over time.

Analyze this

A razor-sharp scenario analysis wouldn’t be complete without dynamic, eye-catching visuals. How about a scatterplot with multi-dimensional data?

Report it

Drive informed decision-making with colorful, data-rich reports you can update instantly.

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