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How GRID transformed our client reporting system into an effective sales tool

As one of the UK’s leading facial recognition companies, Facewatch’s cloud-based facial recognition security system safeguards their subscribers’ staff, customers and businesses against crime. Fully GDPR compliant, Facewatch has been servicing retailers across the UK for over 11 years to prevent crime before it happens.

Facewatch delivers performance reports to clients and investors on a regular basis, utilizing GRID to create shareable, customized reports.


A successful partnership

GRID generating value

The major points of value GRID fosters have grown beyond ease of reporting, however. Simon Gordon explains that GRID has generated significant value for the company in terms of the increased customer interaction it has enabled.

Facewatch leverages regular GRID reports to reinforce tangible benefits to their clients, keeping these points top of mind. Interactive features like GRID’s slider allow Facewatch to highlight the advantages of increasing a particular client’s number of stores and the potential savings those clients could garner. For Facewatch, GRID has become a sales tool – not simply a reporting tool.

Searching for solutions

Prior to discovering GRID, Facewatch used a combination of Excel, Word, PDFs, and email to produce their client reports. Clients were receiving their monthly analysis in spreadsheets sent via email, making it necessary for the company to extract and convey key data and messages to save their busy clients valuable time and effort. 

We used to create all of our reports by working between Excel, Microsoft Word and then exporting them to PDF. Whenever we’d get feedback from our clients, we would have to go back in and edit the documents and re-export everything.

Making the switch

Once Facewatch switched over to GRID for their reporting services, Simon noticed the impact immediately. “[GRID is] unique in the way it provides the UI through a browser and enables me to adjust reports on the fly if a customer asks for more information” he explains.

Looking to the future

Asked if he would recommend GRID, Simon is very positive. “Definitely” he says – “it’s simple to use and affordable compared to over-complex business intelligence systems or the usual old Powerpoint presentations.”

Simon’s experience has played a key role in helping GRID develop as a product – he is certainly looking forward to what will come next.

The finished result is so clean and lovely looking. The team behind it are bright and respond to questions and suggestions very fast... I know it’s just going to get better and better.

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A brilliant way to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a beautiful report, and to update the report very quickly.

Simon Gordon

CEO of Facewatch

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