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Our customers share how they've used GRID to build diverse and impactful solutions, while simplifying their workflow.

Empowering Entrepreneurs with GRID

Emre Toker is a scientist, professor of entrepreneurship and innovation, and angel investor who began his entrepreneurial journey in the bazaars of Istanbul. He has served as senior Mentor-in-Residence at the University of Arizona’s McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship as well as the Managing Director of Washington University’s Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Emre to discuss his book, The Pantheon and the Mortuary, in which GRID features prominently as a platform for students of business and entrepreneurship to explore assumptions and learn how to better inform and articulate their ideas.

“[GRID] provides a perfect platform for students, entrepreneurs, and even myself, to deal logically with the fact that we're swimming in a sea of unknowns, and we need to put some structure on those unknowns and not let it dissuade us from continuing with the idea”, Emre explains.

Emre Toker
 The Pantheon and the Mortuary

A valuable resource for successful entrepreneurs

Emre believes in combining principles of science with entrepreneurship and encourages his business students to state hypotheses, make assumptions, and deal logically with uncertainty.

One of the most common reasons for unsuccessful startups, according to Emre, is a failure to synthesize idealism and realism. Practical issues like how much a solution might cost, and how to successfully disseminate a solution may be ignored in favor of more idealistic goals. Emre sees GRID as a valuable resource for successful entrepreneurs to do an “arms-length analytical assessment of a situation” within a logical framework.

GRID allows [students] to make concrete, quantitative assumptions, and paints a picture of the future. That picture will get less and less fuzzy as you shrink the uncertainty ranges associated with each of your assumptions.

Emre Toker

Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

How IonQ uses GRID to support strategic decision-making

IonQ is ready to tackle the world’s most complex problems. Founded by Chris Monroe and Jungsang Kim in 2015, IonQ is at the forefront of quantum computing, firmly committed to developing a revolutionary technology that has the potential to change the world.

We spoke with Jordan Shapiro, IonQ’s Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis and Head of Investor Relations to find out why he thinks GRID is the perfect tool for collaborative analysis.

* Before joining IonQ, Jordan Shapiro was an investor at NEA. He was a part of the investment team that led GRID’s Series A funding round.

IONQ Blog Thumnail

Prompting action-oriented conversations

Jordan describes GRID as a “key drawing board” for IonQ’s management team. He initially introduced GRID to IonQ as a tool to assist in navigating some major decision-making processes.

After constructing and sharing a complex financial model with his team, Jordan noted that the tactile nature of the GRID model was highly beneficial in leadership meetings. Interactive exploration with GRID helped executives develop a deeper collective understanding of the different scenarios at play. Continue reading on our blog.

GRID does a great job of allowing you to snap back to the original planned scenario. Play around with the numbers without having to ask to change a variable.

Jordan Shapiro

VP Financial Planning & Analysis

Notion Consultant Sara Loretta: making beautiful GRID charts for Notion

Sara Loretta is a Digital Operations Specialist & Certified Notion Consultant who’s made it her mission over the last ten years to help teams work better together by building strategic processes and automations into their workflows.

Sara founded her agency, SYSTMS™ to support small businesses around the globe to increase productivity and reduce human error using tools like Notion and Zapier. “Before GRID, we didn’t have a great way to present data beautifully,” she explains. “As there’s no built-in Notion feature to build charts, adding another tool to the tech stack without proof that it would work seemed daunting.”

Sara Loretta

GRID improves teamwork

What Sara most enjoys about GRID is its capacity as a team tool. “GRID enables everyone on the team to jump in and find a relevant use case, whereas other tools tend to be more role-specific.”
She explains that small businesses often struggle (or simply don’t know how) to effectively collect and/or share the data they have. “I have absolutely recommended that small businesses use GRID. With a tool like GRID, the overwhelm can be minimized and actually invite users to finally be excited about data.” Continue reading on our blog.

GRID streamlines and removes the unnecessary steps unlike its competitors, which saves time, extra costs, and resources.

Sara Loretta

Digital Operations Specialist & Certified Notion Consultant


How GRID turned our reporting system into a sales tool

As one of the UK’s leading facial recognition companies, Facewatch's cloud-based facial recognition security system safeguards its subscribers’ staff, customers, and businesses against crime. Fully GDPR compliant, the company has been servicing retailers across the UK for over 11 years to prevent crime before it happens. 


Customized performance reports

Facewatch uses GRID to create and deliver customized performance reports for clients and investors. “We wanted to send professional-looking monthly reports using data from Excel to our customers instead of attaching spreadsheets to emails and powerpoints,” says owner, Simon Gordon. For Facewatch, GRID is a sales tool – not simply a reporting tool. “It’s simple to use” he explains, “and affordable compared to over-complex business intelligence systems.” Read more on our blog.

A brilliant way to turn an Excel spreadsheet into a beautiful report, and to update the report very quickly.

Simon Gordon

CEO of Facewatch


Win the House You Love: Empowering homebuyers with smart GRID tools

Kyle Seagraves is a certified mortgage advisor, licensed loan originator & owner of Win the House You Love, an educational home buying service for people in the U.S. A former loan officer, Kyle has spent years helping homebuyers navigate the intimidating world of home financing, and believes deeply that everyday people need access to all the information before making life-changing financial commitments.

Building buyer confidence

Kyle turned to GRID after seeing how difficult it was for his clients to compare loans from different lenders and confidently assess mortgage quotes. Homebuyers can’t easily access the pricy software used by industry professionals to compare offers and explore the implications of a loan over time. To counter this lack of transparency, Win the House You Love offers affordable, easy-to-use GRID tools that illuminate the purchasing process for potential buyers. With GRID, Kyle is putting the power where it belongs – in the hands of homebuyers. Read more on our blog.


The fact that I can create a tool with GRID that matches the power of $100/month software is incredible.

Kyle Seagraves

Owner @ Win The House You Love


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