29. April 2022

A better, more beautiful experience 

Tons of new updates = a new outlook on GRID life! The website is going through a colorful revamp, the simple yet stunning new user Home page is out, and editing docs is easier and more delightful.

New in GRID

  • We deployed a bunch of fresh updates to the website this week, and there’s plenty more to come next week! It’s looking oh so fine 😎 You’ll notice a new color scheme, more beautiful buttons and more. So snazzy!

  • Huge news 🌟 Your Home page has a whole new look & simpler navigation. Our goal with these changes is to boost visual interest while improving clarity & usability, so that you and your team enjoy your GRID experience to the fullest.

  • Say hello to Templates on your Home page! Need inspiration, or want to get started quickly with a ready-made document? Just copy a template and get to building. 

  • The document editing experience has been streamlined, featuring our new document toolbar, on the bottom right of the editor. This is where you’ll find important document actions unified in one place. Manage Conversations, inputs, copying links, and adding spreadsheets, right from here. You’ll notice that the editor look has also had an overhaul and is now lighter, simpler and overall, more delightful! ✨

Bug fixes 🐛

  • We fixed an issue where the Spreadsheet panel control bar unexpectedly changed size when dragged all the way up. 

  • Some overlapping going on - we found a selection indicator that appeared on top of a link popup. Also, slider controls were overlapping link tooltips. It’s sorted.

  • When an account had a list of more than eight user groups, we discovered that not all of the groups were fully visible when the list was viewed on mobile. That’s been corrected.

  • Oops. Turns out that in an empty document, typing Command+P or selecting Print document will lead you into the wilderness of Page Not Found. Glad we caught that one.

  • Slider titles were appearing on top of user inputs when viewed on mobile.

  • The wrong thing in the wrong place. A horizontal border appeared on the Notifications list, obscuring the scrollbar - so we fixed it!