The latest in quality of life updates
26. August 2022

Building momentum

We can feel the momentum building! This week we were laser-focused on improving the experience for our users on multiple levels. We also released a fun new promo video and boosted the max on connecting multiple (and we mean multiple) sheets to your GRID docs.

New in GRID:

  • We released our new promotional video! It’s a bit like speed-dating: you get to know all the best aspects of GRID in under 2 minutes. The animations are pretty cute too 🧑‍🦰

  • Why stop at three spreadsheets when you can work with ten? We lifted our max number of spreadsheets per GRID doc to ten, because sometimes you just need to unify LOTS of data in one place.

  • Updates to our in-product messaging are improving user experience 🤗

Bug fixes 🐛

  • We corrected a bug that caused a highlighted element in the insert menu to seemingly reset when the document was autosaved.

  • Ugh. We hate when the sheet hits the fan. Seems like resetting all inputs was causing problems, but we’ve got it sorted.

  • The FILTER function was temperamental this week, returning empty arrays and throwing out incorrect errors.

  • We solved an issue where a user’s document was resetting when the dropdown menu was changed.