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23. September 2022

Cybernews spotlight

It was a great week of work 🤩 We’re keeping the momentum going with constructive improvements, bugs fixes, and a nice little spotlight in Cybernews.

New in GRID

  • Spotlight on GRID: this week GRID was featured on Cybernews’ list of the best digital workplace products!

  • Now you can present URLs as links within a table. It looks so good 👀

  • Changed your mind? We’ve made it possible to edit your document titles on mobile.

  • On your Home page, My documents will now be the default tab. You’ll always see the documents you’ve created first, and your Home will be more organized. Marie Kondo would be proud.

Bug-fixes and cleanup 🐛 🧹

  • Growing pains 🥴 Scratchpad was crashing when a cell was clicked, but we’ve sorted it out.

  • We noticed that GRID was refreshing when a dropdown menu was selected, causing a bit of disruption. This issue has been fixed.