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02. September 2022

Empowerment & accessibility

Empowerment was the name of the game this week. We’re prioritizing user accessibility to better, in-context help and User groups, and launching the new Tooltip element so users can add an extra layer of specific insight to their docs.

New in GRID:

  • New element! Introducing the Tooltip element. Adding tooltips to highlight certain points in your doc lets you give a greater level of contextual nuance to your viewers. Professional plan subscribers can also customize the fill color of the tooltip bubble by editing the accent color in the Document appearance tab.

  • We’ve added a new User groups button in the dropdown navigation menu on your Home page. This way, it’s quicker to access, manage and create new groups.

  • Now you can request access to private documents that haven’t yet been shared with you. Document authors will get an email notifying them of the request, and can grant access if they so choose.

  • More accessible help options are here for you. When a GRID element is selected (one that has a corresponding Help article), clicking the Help icon (?) will open that article automatically. Next, you’ll see a button appear in case you need additional assistance – clicking this will lead you to the Help center.

  • We wanted to make it easier for users to click links to different scenarios within documents, without reloading entire pages each time. Now, the document state will update when links are clicked in the doc or from a conversation, but it won’t be interrupted by reloading.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Oops! The Help page for Interactive values was MIA in our help guide – it’s updated.

  • We’ve removed the avatar of document authors from the list of collaborators on their documents – just to keep roles clarified.

  • Woah. Array formulas in Google Sheets workbooks were encountering the SPILL error. We’ve sorted things out.

  • We fixed some issues with cell formatting that wasn’t working with SORT, SORTBY, IF, and WRAPROWS, among other functions.