25. March 2022

First steps toward a fresh new feel

We’re rolling out eye-popping UI updates, starting with a super fresh look for your favorite buttons.

New in GRID

  • Have you noticed? Beautiful updated buttons have been released 🤩 These gorgeous gradients are part of our new look & color scheme. We’re making GRID even more fun to interact with 👈🏾

  • New fonts! You read that right. GRID is now even easier on the eyes. We think they give GRID a peppy new character, don’t you?

  • This week we released support for Spilling. Now, cell formulas that produce an output as an array of results exceeding one cell can be displayed “spilled” into multiple cells below.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • We had some sheet rendering issues this week. In a test doc, we found that only 104 rows of an over 1000 row sheet were being displayed. It’s been fixed.

  • Same test doc, different issue – columns displayed seemed to hit a limit. Also fixed.

  • Woah. The scrollbar wasn’t syncing with the displayed content when we changed tabs.

  • We discovered an issue that created borders around iframes that were kinda, well, ugly. This is no longer a problem.

  • We caught a bug where an author who was working with multiple sheets saw only 3 of those sheets after switching from View mode to Edit mode. It’a all sorted out.