29. October 2021

Focusing on refinement and the business of bug-crushing 

With an attentive team devoted to in-product excellence, we found a few bugs to kill this week. Now on to better things:

  • In case you haven’t heard, the Conversations feature will be out next week. This is going to add an incredibly cool new facet to GRID, bringing numbers, calculations, and now collaborative conversations into your GRID documents. We can’t wait!

Bug fixes:

  • We discovered a bug that allowed input steppers to exceed set min/max constraints, even when the Step option was specified. We’ve solved this! 

  • There was some unexpected behavior in percentage formatted input elements that we caught and corrected.  

  • We were having some trouble with percentages not formatting properly in an input field, but this is now solved. 

  • Input elements were rounding artifacts: a few decimal values were rendered with floating point artifacts. We’ve fixed this.

  • Input steppers were incorrectly pulling focus into the input field – but not anymore!