05. August 2022

Get onboard!

We’ve had a super positive response to our new onboarding tutorial and sweet lil’ tooltips! This week we devoted time to polishing the onboarding experience, improving overall usability and ironing out bugs.

New in GRID

  • Users were trying to type in cell references during the onboarding tutorial, and that got us thinking. Why not? You’re now able to enter cell references as you go through the tutorial. GRID fits the way you work 😊

  • Nice! If you’ve seen the Edit and Sharing button tooltips, you’ll notice that Conversations help comes next. We deployed an onboarding helper for Conversations that appears as you switch your doc into View mode.

  • You’ll find an option under the Advanced tab in our Bar and Column charts called Color by point. This lets you apply your chosen color palette across data points rather than series, making charts much easier to read and interpret.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • Our handy tooltips for Resizing a column were a little less than handy when they didn’t disappear, but stuck around on the Select a spreadsheet screen.

  • Oops. The hover label for the step option was disappearing before folks got a chance to click the link.

  • There was a bit of trouble deleting a double slash with the Insert menu open. Fixed!

  • A user reached out to tell us about an issue where input fields in a document disappeared when the document was duplicated. We worked it out 💪🏾

  • We made a fix so that translation plugins can’t translate GRID’s editor.